My Date May Have Blocked Me On WhatsApp?

My Date May Have Blocked Me On Whatsapp?

A date that blocks you on WhatsApp is not interested in you.

People’s minds change.

Irrespective of whether you have been having a great time with your date on social media, it doesn’t mean that they can’t get to a point where they realize you aren’t the right person for them.

This is principally true if you met this person online or use social media as a primary source of communication with this person.

This is what technology has done.

As easy and convenient as it has made it for people to meet and communicate online, it has made it that much more convenient for users to stop communicating with someone due to a plethora of options.

A date that blocked you on WhatsApp is a sign your date is too busy meeting a plethora of users on WhatsApp.

Come to terms with a reality where your date is significantly more invested in getting to know a variety of users on WhatsApp who have romantic potential.

Consider an alternative probability.

He didn’t block you.

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In this context, he was preoccupied with something else in his life and hasn’t had a chance to respond to you yet.

Although you saw that he read your message, it doesn’t mean that he won’t respond.

When you are used to receiving immediate responses from people you chat with on WhatsApp, it’s hard to deal with someone doesn’t respond as quickly as you want them to.

It doesn’t mean that they won’t.

It means that they are slower when it comes to constructing a message back and would rather do so when they have nothing else distracting them or taking away their time.

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In a circumstance where you have been out on a date with this person and was given the impression this person had every intention to see you again, it would have been much better if they had asked you out soon after.

If it has been about a week or more since your last date with this person and they haven’t either asked you out again or given you their availability, there are strong odds they don’t like you romantically.

This is hard to accept.

You replay the date in your mind and tell yourself that everything went well.

Thoughts of how you two flirted with each other and got a little physical give you extra false consolation.

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Unfortunately, you have to face reality.

Their actions outside of the date is what counts.

Where there has been a general lack of communication since the date, this person isn’t into you.

In this case, your assumption is right.

They did block you on WhatsApp.

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Take this as a hint.

There is no point trying to figure out why they are incommunicado.

In this scenario, this person’s actions have already told you that they are not interested in pursuing any further dates with you.

No further words or WhatsApp responses are required to confirm that.

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