Would You Dump Your Partner To Follow Your Dreams?

Would You Dump Your Partner To Follow Your Dreams?

It really depends on the kind of relationship you have with your partner and how much your dreams differ from his own.

If you have a partner who lacks ambition and has no dreams, he may be able to hold you back from yours if you let him.

If you were to acquiesce, you may ultimately regret the fact that you didn’t follow your dreams so as to be with your partner.

You really should assess the kind of partner you have and where you both seem to be headed.

Do you ever feel like your partner is just not quite matching your energy and resolve?

Does it feel like your partner is simply happy remaining where they are at in life without any intention of growing?

Does it feel like you both have totally different ideas of what the future should be like?

If you are experiencing any of these doubts, there is a reason for it.

A relationship like this will often lead to an impasse on the road at some point.

The danger of delaying this process of assessment is that when you do reach this impasse, it may be that much harder for you to make the right decision.

At that point, you may be so emotionally attached to your partner that you will find it difficult to dump them even if that was the right thing to do.

You may be fearful of leaving a familiar relationship at that point.

It has gotten safe to be in this relationship and you worry about what it would feel like to suddenly be alone without a partner.

This kind of fear alone could force you to stay with your partner and give up on your dreams.

This could be something that you will eventually regret as time goes by and you realize that your partner has robbed you of the best years of your life.

You can’t allow yourself to stay too long in a relationship that has no real future.

If you were to get to this impasse, you may be in a very difficult spot.

Your head may be telling you that you should dump your partner but your heart and anxieties may be telling you that you simply can’t be alone.

This is why you need to do an assessment right now.

Use the history of your relationship as your guide.

Be honest with yourself about where it seems your relationship is going.

If you believe that your partner is simply not on the same trajectory as you are, you may be better off dumping your partner.

Sure, you are worried about being alone.

You may even love your partner.

However, if you are hoping to pursue your dreams and your partner would be an impediment to those dreams, you would be missing out on something that you may regret later on.

You can never get those precious years back.

These are the years that you would have spent working towards your dreams.

They never come back.

However, you can always ultimately find a new partner who may be in line with your dreams.

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