It Freaks Me Out When My Boyfriend Doesn’t Answer My Calls And Texts

It Freaks Me Out When My Boyfriend Doesn't Answer My Calls And Texts

Take this time to occupy your time doing activities that you enjoy or you are curious about.

It matters, as these activities take your mind from the reality that your boyfriend isn’t answering your calls and texts, at this time.

Don’t keep calling and texting him.

This worsens the situation.

You foment what he is doing and that doesn’t help.

Fomenting his irritation is the last thing you need at this time.

Leave him be at this time.

When you incessantly call him and text him, he is irritated and you make him feel a greater need not to respond.

You have to have a life of your own and develop individuality.

Don’t have your boyfriend dictate your mood or how your days go.

Each and every day, have a roster of stuff that you like to do.

Figure out what your passions are and do them.

What skill do you wish to learn in life?

Where do you care to journey?

You need courage to make your life multidimensional and meaningful, through adopting new activities.

It does have to be done.

Listen, part of the reason why you are freaked out has to with how attached to your boyfriend you are.

A boyfriend who is fed up with a girlfriend that incessantly calls and texts him is going to be stifled and rebel eventually.

She is showing she doesn’t have a life of her own and she is living vicariously through him.

He is suffocated in the relationship.

A guy doesn’t want his girlfriend to use him as her outlet in life.

He loses his individuality when his girlfriend is consistently on him about hanging out and communicating.

This is a massive turn off to guys and it leads them to not answer your calls and texts, as they don’t want to be bothered.

Refrain from doing this with your boyfriend.

Don’t stifle or cling to your boyfriend.

He is purposely ignoring your texts and calls to get a breather.

Leave him be at this time.

Develop your own individuality.

You aren’t tied to your boyfriend’s hip.

Work hard to develop individuality by pursuing a passion.

This infuses a spark and energy into you and into your relationship.

It’s a new approach to your life that doesn’t go unseen by your boyfriend.

These are new dimensions to your personality that intrigue him.

In lieu of ignoring your calls and texts, he is the one who calls and texts, as he is excited to hear new stories from you about your new adventures.


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