Why Would A Guy Be So Afraid To Show His Girlfriend His Emotions And That He Cares When He Is Sober But Okay With That When Tipsy?

Why Would A Guy Be So Afraid To Show His Girlfriend His Emotions And That He Cares When He Is Sober But Okay With That When Tipsy?

There are a number of guys who find it difficult to express their emotions to their girlfriend.

They just haven’t been shown or allowed to do it as a person growing up.

When he is sober, it is difficult for him to show you that he cares or give you emotion because he simply may not feel confident doing it in this state.

There are also a number of guys who do look at emotion and telling their girlfriend that they care as a sign of weakness.

They believe that doing this sort of thing isn’t very masculine in nature.

As a man he should be stoic and unemotional.

This is what he is most likely thinking.

So, you will notice that he will typically have his guard up.

He will want to maintain this facade out of fear of seeming weak if he were to start showing emotion or expressing how much he cares.

However, when he is tipsy, his guard drops.

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A lot of this has to do with what alcohol does to the brain.

Upon consumption, alcohol depresses or lowers the behavioral inhibitory centers of the cerebral cortex.

The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain that processes thoughts and consciousness.

When this part of the brain has been influenced by alcohol, it tends to make a person less inhibited.

When he is less inhibited, he is able to act in a way and say things that he normally wouldn’t when he is sober.

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He is unable to keep his guard up and gives in to his emotions.

This is why you have noticed that he tends to show his emotions and how much he cares when he is tipsy.

He can no longer consciously keep that guard up when his brain has been influenced by the depressive effects of alcohol.

Hence, in your situation, you are dealing with a boyfriend who may genuinely care about you but he simply doesn’t want to express for fear of the repercussions.

Again, he may simply not be mentally equipped to do this based on the fact that he has never been shown how to or he may be fearful that doing so would make him appear weak.

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In order to get your boyfriend to stop being so afraid to show emotion and tell you how much he cares, you should try not to be too effusive with your own love.

You probably shower him with love and compliments.

You may think that this is merely you being a good girlfriend and showing him how much you care about him.

However, this is typically what pushes away guys like this and makes them more closed off and unwilling to express or show their own emotions.

They feel like they are unable to do it the way you do, so they don’t bother.

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When you reduce the amount of affection you verbally give him or physically show him, you actually give him the opportunity to start coming to you for that affection.

If he always knows that you will be there to show him affection and emotion whenever he is around, he will never feel the need to take initiative with affection.

Allow him the opportunity to start taking that initiative.

When he notices that you aren’t all over him the way he is used to, you would force him to start making moves to show you more affection and emotion because he feels like he is missing out.

You would in essence bring him to you.

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If he truly cares about you, he would eventually start doing this.

This is when you have gotten him to lower his guard and begin to show you emotion and just how much he cares about you.

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