Do Outgoing Chatty Girls Usually Go For Quiet Guys?

Do Outgoing Chatty Girls Usually Go For Quiet Guys?

The typical outgoing and chatty girl is going to go for a guy who is just like her.

She would want a guy who was more on the chatty side than the quiet side.

Often, a girl is going to look for something she finds in common with a guy.

If she is outgoing and chatty, she will often want to meet a guy who would match her intensity or even exceed it.

A quiet guy wouldn’t be able to do this.

She may actually be worried about having those quiet and awkward moments with a quiet guy.

This is the moment where there is silence.

There is nothing being said because the quiet guy doesn’t know where else to take the conversation.

Most outgoing and chatty girls don’t want to find themselves in this position.

Hence, they would typically seek their match in a guy.

An outgoing and chatty girl is often going to have friends who are just like her.

She does worry about how a quiet guy would interact with her friends.

Her friends are important to her.

She takes them seriously and doesn’t want to bring anyone around them that would make them feel anxious or awkward.

She envisions a conversation that this quiet guy would have with her friends.

She may envision a conversation that is quite dull.

Indeed, she may play that conversation in her head.

She may be able to tell that it would be awkward.

She can see this quiet guy unable to be comfortable enough around her friends to keep a conversation going.

She may see that her friends are trying their best to keep the conversation going.

However, your friends are running out of things to talk about because this quiet guy is giving them a one sentence response to every question they ask.

This outgoing and chatty girl may not want to put her friends in this position.

Thereby, she goes for the outgoing and chatty guy as opposed to the quiet guy.

So, it is not always just a case of how she feels she will get along with the quiet guy.

This girl will also worry about how this quiet guy can interact with her friends.

If her friends mean a lot to her, she would want them to have the best experience possible getting to know a guy that she is dating.

If she believes that you will not be able to deliver, she will not want to be with the quiet guy.

Now, this being said, there are exceptions.

There are some outgoing and chatty girls who do like the quiet guy.

They are often attracted to what makes this person who they are.

They may feel a sense of mystery around this guy and hence they feel an attraction.

However, even with girls like this, a guy’s quietness will only get him so far.

She may be willing to make all the initial moves but she will eventually want the quiet guy to reciprocate.

If the quiet guy doesn’t do so, she may decide to end her interaction with him and move on.

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