Do All Guys Tell Every Woman They Date That They Are Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexy, etc? Is That A New Rule In A Dating Handbook Somewhere?

Do All Guys Tell Every Woman They Date That They Are Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexy, etc? Is That A New Rule In A Dating Handbook Somewhere?

A lot of men do tell women that they are beautiful, gorgeous or sexy.

These man are typically more of the outgoing types.

It is not a new rule in a dating handbook somewhere.

Many men have done this for a long period of time.

It may feel repetitive to you.

It may even begin to make you feel as though you aren’t special because they may be telling so many other women the exact same thing.

However, you firstly have to understand that the majority of men are visual.

A woman’s beauty is what they tend to notice first.

They become enamored with that beauty and ultimately feel like they have to express it in some way by telling her that she is beautiful, gorgeous or sexy.

They may be interested in getting to know the woman as a person as well.

However, they are simply voicing what has struck them instantly and hope that you like the compliment.

Understand that women are visual as well.

They do like looking at a handsome or gorgeous guy.

However, unlike most men, most women aren’t necessarily going to come right out and say what they are thinking.

How often have you seen a guy that you instantly thought was beautiful, gorgeous or sexy?

Think about it.

You have had these experiences in your life.

You instantly noticed this guy’s attractiveness.

However, you didn’t tell him what you were thinking.

You simply kept quiet about it.

Perhaps you sent him some body language signs of interest.

You may have smiled his way or looked him up and down with your eyes.

You were showing interest at that moment.

You didn’t verbally tell him what you thought about his looks but you may have shown it through your body language.

Men and women are conditioned in totally different ways when it comes to dating, romance and attraction.

Women are taught or conditioned to be more reserved with how they feel about a guy.

A woman would be typically conditioned to let the guy do the pursuing and to not be too verbally complimentary toward the guy upon meeting him so as not to appear desperate.

A guy on the other hand is conditioned to be the one who pursues.

Thereby, he becomes more verbal in his compliments because he has to leave an impression.

He is typically the one who has to make the first move and has been taught that he has to convey his masculinity in order to get the girl’s attention.

Thereby, you will have a lot of men tell the women that they date that they are beautiful, gorgeous or sexy.

Since men are typically the ones who have to be proactive in getting the woman to go on a date with them, they believe that complimenting her in this way is one of the most effective ways to make her feel good and thereby keep her attention.

This is often the reason why men do this.

This is not a new rule in some dating handbook.

This is just how the dating game has been for thousands of years.

Men are often competing with each other to get a woman.

Telling the woman that she is beautiful, gorgeous or sexy is often done in order to impress the woman so that they can win her over the other guys they are competing with.

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