Is It True That Girls Don’t Like A Guy Who Is A Virgin Or Inexperienced? Should I Lie?

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Is It True That Girls Don't Like A Guy Who Is A Virgin Or Inexperienced? Should I Lie?

Some girls don’t like guys who are virgins.

Some girls have no problem with guys who are virgins.

Regardless of all this, you shouldn’t lie.

You don’t have to wear your virginity on your sleeves.

So you are a virgin.

Why scream that to the rooftops?

Why task a girl with this knowledge so early on in your interaction with her?

When you are just getting to know a girl, your focus should be on allowing her to get a sense of your dynamic personality and observing whether there is chemistry.

Your virginity shouldn’t even be at the forefront of your mind at such an early stage.

When all you seem to care about is telling girls about just how experienced you are when in fact you aren’t, they may get the impression that all you care about is sex.

They may feel like you have no interest in getting to know them as people.

They may also sense that you lack confidence and you are trying to hide something.

Even if they were to believe your lie, they will ultimately find out it was a lie when that moment arrives.

Why put yourself in this position so early?

It isn’t worth it and it does destroy any kind of camaraderie you had built with this girl up until the point you began to lie.

Your virginity is not your weakness.

Your mindset is.

If you have a negative mindset about being a virgin, you will give off the wrong kind of energy.

A girl may pick up on this and turn you down for a date.

Your mindset has to be positive.

Your mindset should be one of honesty and authenticity.

Listen, if you were to succeed in focusing on building a rapport with this girl, she may end up really liking you.

She may fall in love with your personality and your charm.

She may want to be with you because you make her smile and get her excited about life.

These feelings are strong and potent.

Once you have a girl feeling this way, she will most likely want to have more shared experiences with you.

Even if you were to later show your lack of experience in the bedroom, she may be alright with it because she has fallen for so much more than just your ability to please her in the bedroom.

She has fallen for you as a person.

She has fallen for your authenticity and the way you tend to make her feel giddy every time she thinks about you.

This is what counts the most when you are dating a girl.

You need to give her this opportunity to get to know you and get a feel for you without throwing all kinds of lies about your experience at her.

Again, once she cares, she will be a lot more willing to be patient with you in the bedroom.

When she is patient, you will have the opportunity to gain more experience over time.

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