Half Disappearing Guy

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Half Disappearing Guy

If a guy is constantly disappearing and reappearing back into your life, he is not that serious about you.

Think about it for a moment.

Truly, take a moment to do this.

How do you act when you are truly interested in someone?

You will typically want to be around that person quite often right?

That is how we human beings work.

If there is something or someone that makes us feel good, we want to be around it on a constant basis.

What do we do as human beings when we feel relatively lukewarm or ambiguous about something?

We tend to either avoid it or partake in it only every so often.

This is what we would naturally do as human beings.

In your current case, this guy keeps disappearing and reappearing.

He may not be feeling that powerful emotion that is required to make a relationship work.

He may be lukewarm to it.

In other words, there may be parts of you that he enjoys. He may enjoy the fact that you are fun. He may enjoy the fact that you make him laugh.

He may enjoy the fact that you give him compliments.

However, he doesn’t like enough of you to warrant consistency in his actions.

He can essentially take you in small doses and nothing more.

You really have to ask yourself about what you are looking for.

Do you want a consistent relationship or something more casual?

This is very important to address.

If you want a serious relationship, this is not the right kind of guy for you.

This guy wouldn’t give you the sense of security that you need in a relationship.

He would be constantly hot and cold in his behavior.

He may not care to address any problematic issues that may arise in the relationship because he simply isn’t emotionally charged.

It would be a travesty to even try to get into a serious relationship with such a person.

It wouldn’t even be serious. It would be a mockery.

You would find it next to impossible to have your emotional needs met.

Complain as you might, he would care less.

On the flip side, if you are looking for something more casual in nature, he may be alright to date for now.

The fact that he disappears and reappears may not be that much of an issue if all you want to do is hang out or hook up casually from time to time.

You should have some kind of idea of what kind of relationship you want.

You have to be absolutely certain of this.

The more you know now, the easier it will be for you to come to a decision on what you should do with this guy.

If you are not quite sure of what you want right now, you may have to take a step back for a moment.

Give yourself the time and space to figure out what exactly you want.

When you have done this, you would be a lot clearer of what action to take and what direction best suits you.

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