Insecure In My First Ever Relationship

Insecure In My First Ever Relationship

It is natural and common to feel insecure in your first ever relationship.

It is your first relationship after all.

You may worry about your lack of experience.

You may worry about how this lack of experience may affect the relationship going forward.

This is all natural.

Being insecure about your first ever relationship shouldn’t be something that makes you believe that you are odd or different.

You are going through the exact same emotions that the majority of us had when we entered our own first ever relationships.

You just need to understand that you are going to make mistakes.

So will your partner.

This is how most first ever relationships work.

You are new at this.

There are situations that you will experience that you may not know how to deal with because you will not have the knowledge that comes with experience in relationships.

People who are experienced in relationships went through those situations when they had their first ever relationships. However, they were able to learn from them because of the experience they later acquired.

You haven’t had this time yet.

Hence, don’t be afraid when these problems arise and you don’t know what to do about them.

This will happen.

No relationship is going to be perfect all the way through.

You will simply have to learn through these experiences.

Learn from your mistakes so that you make less of them in the future.

Thereby, you should simply prepare yourself for the fact that you will make mistakes.

So will your partner.

Allow yourself to accept that fact right now so that when they do occur, you will not panic.

It is important not to panic.

When you panic, you may not be thinking rationally. You may simply be reacting.

If you simply react to a relationship problem that arises without thinking it through, you may ultimately do something that leads to the end of the relationship.

So you should just tell yourself right now that you are willing to understand the fact that you will make mistakes in this relationship and you are willing to accept and learn from them when they occur.

When they happen, take a deep breath and be still.

Avoid acting out.

Give it some time.

The more time you give the moment without reacting to it, the easier it will be to be clear-headed enough to come up with a solution.

Something else you have to realize about being insecure in your first relationship ever is that your partner may be feeling the same way as well.

They may not have told you this.

However, it is likely that they are also insecure about it.

This may in fact be your partner’s first relationship ever as well.

Either that or your partner may not have had that many relationships in the past.

Hence, you shouldn’t allow yourself to solely carry the burden of feeling like you are the only one going through these insecurities.

Don’t be afraid to be open with your feelings to your partner about some of your insecurities.

Your partner may actually find a commonality with you in that.

This is a way that you can both bond as you navigate through the undulating waters of your first ever relationship.

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