Should I Just Stop Chasing Girls?

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Should I Just Stop Chasing Girls?

You shouldn’t stop on romance or love if that is what you want.

You may be frustrated that you haven’t had much success in chasing girls.

Perhaps they are always telling you that they aren’t interested or they tend to flake on dates.

You are not having a unique experience.

No one said that the dating game was easy.

If you want love or romance, you shouldn’t give up on those aspirations because you are frustrated with your current situation.

You don’t need to chase girls to get them.

You can have them chase you.

Girls tend to respond to guys who are very good in social situations.

They are social creatures themselves and tend to look for that element in a guy.

If you have social skills, you should focus on those.

Instead of going out to social events and chasing girls, have them come to you.

You can start having your own social events.

Throw a party at your place or rent a space at a local hotel for a party or get together.

Invite your friends and have them invite their friends and coworkers.

Being the organizer of the event, you have already established social credibility to several of the girls who will either be coming to the event or hearing about it.

Your name is now out there.

The next time you hold an event like this, more girls will probably show up just based on your reputation alone.

They want to know who is hosting.

They are drawn to someone who is able to draw a crowd and be at the helm.

That person is you.

This is how you can draw many girls to you and have them chase you instead of the other way around.

Another way you can get girls to chase you is to start being opinionated.

When you are in general conversation, speak your mind.

Don’t be afraid to disagree with a girl.

This shows that you have your own sense of independence and style.

This shows your confidence.

Independence, style and confidence tends to be attractive to girls and they will flock to you.

You can also learn how to do something very well.

If you have a particular talent or passion for something, start practicing it on a daily basis in order to get really good at it.

Pick up that guitar that you haven’t touched in years and start playing daily.

Pick up that basketball that is generating cobwebs in your closet and start going to the local park or gym to practice your jump shots, dribbles, defense etc.

The better you get at a particular skill, the higher your level of confidence grows as a person and in that skill.

When you go to the next social event, you just may have the courage to pick up that guitar and start playing to the crowd.

When you have improved your skills in basketball, you just may sign up for the next basketball tournament.

In these environments you can showcase your talent.

That alone can bring girls to you.

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