I Love A Girl And She Loves Me But She Doesn’t Want To Be In A Relationship With Me?

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I Love A Girl And She Loves Me But She Doesn't Want To Be In A Relationship With Me?

This girl may not love you in the way you would hope she does.

She may not even love you at all despite what you believe.

It is easy to make yourself believe that she does.

Love tends to make a person so euphoric that they begin to create stories that aren’t really there.

You may tell yourself that she loves you because she is often smiling at you or she is always wanting to talk to you.

You may believe that you must be special because she doesn’t act this way with anyone else.

Your conversations with her may be so amazing and so full of depth that you believe that the connection is real.

You just can’t imagine it any other way.

However, you do have to understand how your brain works when you are in love.

It emits a lot of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that causes euphoria.

Once you get too much of this chemical reaction in your brain, you can get carried away in making yourself believe about a love connection with her that may not be as deep as you think it is.

This is because you want her to feel the same way.

You want this feeling to be mutual.

You stifle out all reason just so that this euphoric feeling that you are having isn’t interfered with or contradicted.

This is how people tend to react when they have too much dopamine reacting in their brain.

You have to be aware of what is going on inside your body.

You have to understand that she may not necessarily love you in the way you hope.

Even if she told you that she loves you, she may have simply meant that she loves you as a person.

In other words, she cares about you as a person because she may feel a friendship connection.

However, she doesn’t necessarily love you in a romantic sense.

Think about your current predicament.

She doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you.

What does that tell you?

That often means that she lacks the depth of romantic interest required in order to date you.

This means that she may only see you as a friend.

She may only love you as a friend.

Friendship can often be misconstrued as romance.

This often happens when one party really loves the other and finds ways to tell themselves that the other has to feel the same way.

Look back at the kind of relationship you have had with her so far.

How often does she ask you to do something with her one on one?

How often does she ask you about your previous romantic girlfriends or whether you have a girlfriend?

How often does she want to know what you find attractive in a girl?

How often does she tell her friends about how amazing you are?

If she doesn’t really do any of these things, she doesn’t see you as a romantic prospect.

You may stick around because you hope that she will eventually come around to this kind of thinking but it is unlikely she will.

You will have to accept this fact so that you can move on to someone who actually wants to be in a romantic relationship with you.

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