What Is The Difference Between Confidence And Arrogance In Guys?

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What Is The Difference Between Confidence And Arrogance In Guys?

The difference between confidence and arrogance can be very blurry and even confusing.

Oftentimes, it can be easy to mistake one for the other.

However, there are some really clear definitions of the two that will differentiate them.

Once you know what to look for, it becomes easier to separate them.

Confidence is usually a lot more subtle than arrogance.

It isn’t showy.

It isn’t trying to draw attention to itself.

Confidence is usually relatively unspoken but clearly there.

It is a quiet assurance that doesn’t need any showy acts of machismo to prove that it exists.

It is not so much in how loud and boisterous someone is but more so in how they know that this is not needed in order to prove their confidence.

Confidence already knows what it is.

It doesn’t need to show off or declare itself loud and clear to everyone in the room.

Confidence is not defined by what it is wearing or how hip it is.

A confident guy doesn’t have to wear the latest and hottest clothing or accessories to be confident.

He can look totally casual or dressed up and still give off the aura of being confident.

Again, confidence isn’t showy.

It doesn’t need to be. It is already there innately.

There is no need to make it be known and announce its presence to the world.

It is known already.

There is a sense of self-assuredness that comes with confidence.

Words don’t always have to be spoken.

Someone else doesn’t have to be brought down just so that this so-called confident person can show others that they are confident.

Real confidence doesn’t require that anyone else suffers in order to make the person who is trying to show that he is confident look that way.

No one has to be a scapegoat.

This is what confidence is.

It is self-assured and innately there without needing to scream to everyone in the room that it is there.

Arrogance is the opposite of this.

It is a lot more showy. It has to tell people that it is there.

It may take liberties in trying to bring others down just so that this person feels better and superior.

Arrogance is needy.

It wants you to know that it is there. It is upset when it doesn’t get attention.

It feels that it deserves attention.

It will do whatever it needs to in order to get that attention.

It may lie to do so.

It may say things that aren’t true just to make it look better.

It may say that it has skills and talents that it really doesn’t.

Arrogance can easily come from a place of insecurity.

It tries to mask that sense of insecurity by trying to be more than what it really is.

To do so, it lies or puts others down.

It may even try to pretend that it is something it really isn’t and force itself to believe that.

Arrogance will typically be concerned about keeping up its appearance.

It is so afraid to look weak in front of others.

It is so insecure about letting down its facade and showing its true face.

It may mimic confidence and get away with it because people are often gullible to first impressions and can easily misread the signs.

However, oftentimes, underneath arrogance is fear.

That fear is masked by a false sense of who he has imagined himself to be.

As long as he keeps up the act, he may continue mistaking his arrogance for confidence.

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