How Do I Make This Girl Come After Me?

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How Do I Make This Girl Come After Me?

Give her the impression that you are a fun and exciting guy to be around who has a full and active life.

This requires being constantly involved in social spaces, doing what you love.

Convey the message to her that you are into what you do and you aren’t about waiting on someone to make your life exciting.

This independent approach to life is attractive to girls.

They like it when a guy has his own thing going and has a rich social life that takes up a lot of his time.

It makes them want to be included.

They know that you are a fun guy to be around, as you have these varied interests that you are actively involved in.

To them, you appear to be a challenge, as they fret about how to go about getting your attention.

Being a challenge to a girl is where you need to be.

Girls like a challenge.

Thirsting to win her prize, she comes after you.

Her hope is that you fit her into your schedule and take her out on a date.

The date is her reward for working hard to get you to like her.

This is why having your own active life is such a thrill to girls.

In opposition, the guy who is too eager for a girl and working too hard to get her to attention, is a guy that bores her.

He isn’t a challenge.

She knows he is already melting at a mere “hello” from her.

Instantly, she infers that he doesn’t have an exciting life of his own.

He stays home every weekend playing video games.

This isn’t attractive.

There is no impetus to come after him.

She craves the guy whose life is full of activity and thrilling.

This is where you succeed and the overeager guy fails.

Something else that works is to get yourself a bunch of new female friends or admirers.

Seeing you constantly around several girls, whether it be on social media or real life, sends her the message that you are desirable to the opposite sex.

There must be something special about you to have these girls constantly around you.

Soon, she has you in her head on a daily basis, throughout the day.

It doesn’t matter what activity she is doing, you are on her mind.

She dresses sexier or initiates conversations with you to draw you from the other girls.

This is her competitive desire working to claim you as her prize.

Making new female friends isn’t hard.

An active lifestyle draws them to you.

Unknown to them, they are what lures this particular girl you desire to come after you.

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