How Do I Make This Girl Come After Me?

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How Do I Make This Girl Come After Me?Give her the impression that you are a fun and exciting guy to be around who has a full and active life.

This requires being constantly involved in your social space doing what you love.

You should be able to convey the message to her that you are into what you do and you aren’t the kind to wait on someone to make your life exciting.

This is very attractive to girls.

They like it when a guy has his own thing going and has a very rich social life that takes up a lot of his time.

It makes them want to become a part of it.

They know that you would be a fun guy to be around because you would have all these interests that you are involved in.

It would make you appear to be more of a challenge because they would begin to wonder how they could go about getting your attention.

This is the place you would want to be with a girl because this is what would make her come after you.

You have to be a challenge.

She has to get the sense that you are busy guy and very intent on what you do with your social and even professional life.

She has to get the sense that you would be fitting her into your schedule if indeed the both of you were to date or interact.

This would make her want to work harder to get you.

Again, it makes you a challenge.

Girls tend to come after guys that are a challenge.

When they realize that they are going to have to work to get his attention, they are more prone to come after the guy because they want his acknowledgment.

Other guys who tend to be too eager for the girl and are bored in their own lives are not challenge.

This doesn’t make the girl want to come after them.

However, you are not bored in your life.

You have a lot going on.

You have a rich and busy social life.

She knows that she will have to actually put out real effort just to get your attention.

This is where you succeed and the overeager guys fail.

Also, girls tend to come after guys who have a lot of female attention.

When they notice that you tend to be around a lot of girls or have a lot of female friends, it makes them feel a strong sense of competition.

They suddenly get the drive to beat out all those other girls in order to win you over.

This becomes her cause to an extent.

There is just something about a guy who has a lot of girls in his life that makes women outside of that circle curious.

They wonder why all these girls are around you.

What makes you so special?

You are suddenly in their head often.

When they are engaged in other activities, they think about you.

When you have entered a woman’s head to the point that she thinks about you often, you will have the highest likelihood that she will come after you.

She may begin to dress sexier or talk in a certain way just to draw you away from the other girls.

Hence, you should work on making as many female friends as you can.

Try to start befriending them regardless of your level of attraction to them or lack there of.

Once you start having a healthy number of women in your life as friends or acquaintances, you will start giving this girl the impression that there is a lot more to you than meets the eye.

She would have a competitive desire to take you away from those other girls and have you all to herself.

This is what makes her come after you.

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