Good Places To Meet Women

Good Places To Meet Women

Women are anywhere and everywhere.

Don’t short change yourself by conforming to meeting women at the venues that so many guys think women are, such as bars and nightclubs.

Doing so leaves you missing out on so much.

Observe your everyday environment.

When you are shopping at a local grocery store, women are there.

At your local coffee shop for your morning coffee, women are there.

Been to the post office to drop off mail lately?

Women are there.

Any parking lot you have parked at recently has other cars parking alongside you, driven by women.

When you take a lunch break at work, there are women in your lunch room.

At your local gym that you frequent to after work, there are women working out too.

Walking your dog at the nearby park like you do every week, exposes you to women who are walking their dogs too.

Women are everywhere in your daily life, meaning that there are multiple occasions to initiate conversation with them throughout your day.

As long as you seize these occasions, you won’t have to short change yourself by going to bars and nightclubs to meet women, where you are in competition with a sizable number of men.

The less competition there is, especially from men who have liquid courage, thanks to alcohol consumption, the greater the odds you have a woman’s undivided attention.

Women are everywhere.

When you get into that train or bus to go for your morning commute, take a look at the environment you are in.

Women are there too.

She is sitting somewhere on the train, possibly texting on her phone, reading a magazine, or just plain idle.

She is right there in your presence.

You have the latitude to open up a conversation.

Seize this moment.

Change your mindset from being fixated on going to a quintessential social venue to meet women.

Develop a mindset of abundance.

A mindset of abundance lets you see the world with lenses that you never have.

Realizing that women are everywhere, you take advantage of those moments, as opposed to contemplating what bar you are patronizing over the coming weekend in your quest to meet women.

Knowing that a shot at meeting women persists throughout your daily life, develop better body language.

Develop a habit of making eye contact with women and smiling.

Get used to initiating small talk with people in your daily life, from your grocery store cashier to the stranger sitting next to you on the bus.

As you do this over time, your confidence rises, making you feel less awkward in initiating conversations with women you are attracted to.

Remember when we talked about the competition you face with other men when you attend quintessential social venues to meet women, such as bars and nightclubs?

Don’t ignore this.

You have better odds of grabbing a woman’s attention when you meet them in spaces where there is little to no competition from men.

Dance classes for instance.

Not many men sign up for dance classes.

A ratio of one man to five women isn’t unusual at dance classes.

Here is a great space for you to meet women and eschew competition.

Unlike bars and nightclubs where the ratio of men to women is skewed to a lot more men for every woman, a dance class flips the ratio in your favor.

Ever wanted to learn how to ballroom dance, do the tango, folk dance, swing, salsa, etc.?

Take the classes and meet lots of women.

The same goes for book readings, yoga and Pilates classes, Zumba fitness classes, clearance sales days at local department stores, volunteer or charity events, community fundraisers and church.

Women are social creatures and meeting them in environments where they congregate at a greater ratio than men do, as opposed to generic bars and nightclubs, gives you the latitude to talk to her with her guard down.

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