Is My Boyfriend Taking Advantage Of Me?

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Is My Boyfriend Taking Advantage Of Me?

Your boyfriend may be taking advantage of you.

After all, you are wondering if he is.

This is normally your internal instincts telling you that there is something wrong.

Do you feel like you give a lot and he gives a lot less?

Perhaps you feel like you are always the one who makes the sacrifices.

Perhaps you feel like you are always the one who lets him do whatever he wants to do without giving any regard to what you want.

Is he complacent in doing this?

Does he ever try to give you what you want or at least, try to compromise?

If you have noticed that you are the one who tends to do all of the giving and make all of the sacrifices, your boyfriend may be taking advantage of you.

However, you also have to understand that there may be enough blame to go around.

If you are always facilitating this kind of behavior, you may already be putting him in a position where he knows that he can take advantage and not have to reciprocate.

In other words, you may be trying so hard to make him happy that you do these things without his prompting.

When you make the sacrifices or you give him all that he wants, he takes it because you are giving it, but he may not have asked for it to start with.

You just keep giving it.

You really have to come to terms with your actions.

If you have been giving him all of this without his prompting, you have been facilitating this.

In other words, you are actually the one who has caused this problem.

Your boyfriend may have been perfectly alright with a shared relationship that required a give and take.

However, right from the start, you may have been giving him everything and he wasn’t even asking for it.

After a while, he may have gotten used to it and now he doesn’t know how to reciprocate.

He may not even be aware that he is supposed to reciprocate because he has gotten used to how much you give.

If this is you, you will have to stop this kind of behavior.

You will have to let your boyfriend know that you have needs as well.

You can’t keep making all the sacrifices.

You will also have to determine what you really want out of this relationship.

Where do you want this relationship to go?

You may not be with a boyfriend that is compatible with you.

You have to determine whether you are dealing with a boyfriend who is truly selfish by nature or who is merely spoiled.

Perhaps he has been spoiled by you or even family and friends.

Perhaps this problem can be fixed by letting him know that you also want your needs met.

However, if he is selfish by nature, he may not be the best boyfriend for you when you are looking for a long term and healthy relationship.

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