If The Shy Guy From Your Class Doesn’t Make A Move After You Gave Him All The Signs, Would You Go For Someone Else?

If The Shy Guy From Your Class Doesn't Make A Move After You Gave Him All The Signs, Would You Go For Someone Else?This shy guy in your class may not be reading the signs or he may be misinterpreting them.

This shy guy who you believe isn’t making a move even though you have given him all the signs is still in essence a shy guy.

You may believe that perhaps it is time to go for someone else but do understand that shy guys tend to be bad at reading signs.

They have less experience with dating or romancing girls so they are going to be a lot less likely to read into or understand the signs of romantic interest that a girl may be sending them.

Even if the girl is sending these signs repeatedly, their lack of experience simply hampers them from being able to understand them or even perceive them.

On the other hand, if this shy guy in your class was to perceive and understand these signs, there may be something else holding him back.

This could be his lack of confidence.

He may notice that you are sending the signs but he is simply too afraid of how to go about responding to them.

He may be worried that he will say the wrong thing or that he may be unable to get a word out.

He will begin to make assumptions of how everything will go.

He may visualize what it would be like if he were to take the initiative to talk to you.

In his mind, he visualizes a shy guy who may be finding it difficult to speak.

He may visualize a shy guy that is beginning to sweat or perspire because he can’t seem to keep a conversation going or make the girl laugh.

He is imagining a scenario in his head that he doesn’t want to be a part of.

This makes him choose not to act.

He may like you but lacks the confidence to go through with approaching you and talking to you.

Understand that a shy guy can easily talk himself out of chatting with a girl that he likes.

Now, before you decide to go for someone else, you may be able to change all of this.

You may be able to get this shy guy to make a move by getting yourself in environments that he is most comfortable in.

The class environment isn’t always the best place.

There are other students, teachers, books, chatter, bells etc.

There are too many distractions.

Shy guys are most comfortable in environments that are a lot less busy, hectic and crowded.

Finding out about where this shy guy tends to spend his free time or what he tends to do as a hobby can really help.

You could get clues from his friends or the books he tends to read or what you tend to hear him talk about to his friends when you are within earshot of their discussions.

If he loves to go to a particular store on weekends to buy comic books or video games, this is your opportunity.

Befriend his friends so that you know when next they will be at the store.

Then, be there.

Look his way and smile at him while perusing the aisles.

You could even ask him about his opinion on what you should buy or rent.

Once he sees you in the environment he is most comfortable in, it will be a lot easier for him to talk to you.

From here, romance may ensue.


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