Is It Possible For Someone To Love You But Refuse To Admit It?

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Is It Possible For Someone To Love You But Refuse To Admit It?

It is very possible that someone could love you but refuse to admit it.

It may have a lot to do with the uncertainty of what your relationship is or whether they are even certain of their own feelings and willing to come to terms with it.

It happens often.

It may even come down to the somewhat immature premise that they would much rather hear you tell them just how much you love them before they are willing to tell you the same.

If you are in this kind of predicament where you aren’t quite certain whether someone loves you or not, you shouldn’t dwell on it.

The first thing you need to do is be willing to be honest with your own feelings.

Don’t be hesitant or afraid to tell this person what you feel for them.

If you love them, tell them that.

I know that it can feel intimidating or even scary to divulge how you truly feel.

However, you do have to understand that the basis of any successful relationship truly requires honesty.

You have to be willing to be the one to step up and do what must be done in order to either keep the relationship honest or at least keep it transparent.

One of the mistakes and traps that people in relationships tend to fall into is when they begin to hide their feelings because they are afraid that the other person doesn’t feel the same way.

You shouldn’t do this.

If anything, being upfront and honest about how you feel releases you from unnecessary emotional burdens.

When you become guarded or secretive about your feelings, you will carry that weight around.

Whenever you are with this person, you will question what their feelings are toward you.

You will be constantly wondering if or when this person will tell you that they love you just so that you can finally tell them that you feel the same.

Being in this kind of state can be very wearisome for a relationship.

Just think about it for a second.

You are in this relationship and all you can think about is whether this person loves you.

You are hanging out with them and yet cannot fully invest yourself in the experience because you are too worried about whether they love you or not.

How uncomfortable will this state of mind be for you?

I would venture that it would be a very sorry and burdensome place to be.

Thereby, my whole point in all of this is simply this.

If you are in love with this person, tell them so and let the chips fall where they may.

If they feel the same about you, they will let you know either through their words or their deeds.

You have to be brave enough to make yourself vulnerable.

Doing this will put you in a position that is advantageous because it will take away all of the guesswork and allow you to have peace of mind.

If you are dealing with someone who you truly believe loves you but continues to refuse to admit it even after you have told them about how you feel about them, this person isn’t taking your feelings into account.

If this person doesn’t care about your feelings to the extent that they continue playing this game even after you have told them that you love them, this person may not be worth dating.

Understanding this enables you to let this go and move forward with your life.

If you hold on to the hope that this person loves you or has feelings for you, you may end up losing out on other opportunities for romance with new prospects.

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