Should I Give Up On My Crush?

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Should I Give Up On My Crush?Is your crush single and available? If so, have you asked your crush out or told them how you feel? Have you actually taken some decisive action?

You really have to understand what you have been doing.

If all you have been doing is sending vague signs of romantic interest to your crush, you may not get the result that you want.

You would be making some brazen assumptions of your crush in assuming that your crush can read romantic signs.

You would be assuming that your crush can surmise your intentions by merely looking your way.

The truth is, your crush may have no idea that you like them.

They may simply be going about their day completely oblivious to this.

They may actually be open to dating you.

However, whatever you have been doing to let them know that you like them may not have been working.

What have you been doing? Have you been wholly relying on signals?

Your crush is not a magician or a sorcerer.

They can’t tell what you are thinking.

They would want you to give them the honest truth about how you feel about them so that they can act accordingly.

Think about this for a moment.

What would you want in this scenario if the case was the other way around?

You would want someone that is being upfront and honest about how they truly feel about you.

You would want someone who is going to level with you so that you can then make a decision on whether you feel the same way about them or not.

You would certainly respond a lot better to a direct and honest approach than to someone showing you a whole bunch of signs that you can’t read.

You may interpret something that the other did as normal and not indicative of romantic interest at all.

For example, they may have smiled at you that day and you smiled back.

You didn’t think anything of it.

You simply viewed that smile as the other person being polite and nothing more.

Hence, you just totally failed on realizing that the smile was about romantic interest and not simply for politeness.

Now, you have put yourself in your crush’s shoes.

You understand how they may be totally oblivious to what you may be doing.

Just ask your crush out or let them know about how you feel.

If you were to simply give up because your crush wasn’t responding to your signals, you would be making a mistake.

You could be losing out on something that may actually work out.

You would also take this kind of behavior to future crushes.

This wouldn’t bode well for you because you will continue relying on sending interest signals that are completely missed or misinterpreted.

If you truly like your crush, do what you have to do.

Be upfront and honest to them about where you stand.

If you are worried that your crush won’t like you back, you shouldn’t.

You shouldn’t take this personally.

Your crush may have their own personal reasons for liking who they like and it may have nothing to do with you.

Hence, you should understand that you self-worth or level of attractiveness isn’t dependent on what one individual who so happens to be your crush thinks.

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4 thoughts on “Should I Give Up On My Crush?”

  1. So do you flat out just say to them, I have a crush on you? It seems so childish or something you do in a schoolyard

  2. Hi Lena,

    You don’t have to use those words exactly.

    You could simply ask your crush out to do something with you. That would be sufficient enough.

    If you aren’t comfortable doing that, you could tell your crush that you are currently single and you are interested in getting to know him or her better as a person.

    At that point, your crush should understand what you mean and based on how he or she responds, you will know if the process of courtship can move forward or not.

  3. Should I keep loving the person that I still have a crush on. Because she rejected me once but I still love her and I don’t know want to do?

  4. Hi Sanly,

    If she has rejected you when you clearly let her know that you were interested in her, you shouldn’t still keep hoping.

    You should move on and let her go.

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