Should I Give Up On My Crush And Move On From Him?

A crush that is single and available is a great candidate to ask out on a date out on the town.

Should I Give Up On My Crush And Move On From Him?In asking your crush out or telling them about how you feel about them, you are taking decisive action.

This leads to finding out about whether there is any promise for romance with your crush.

Sending vague signs of romantic interest to your crush isn’t effective in getting you what you want.

You are making brazen assumptions of your crush in assuming that your crush reads romantic signs.

The truth is, your crush has no idea that you like them.

They are going about their day completely oblivious to this.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t open to dating you, but what you are doing isn’t getting the job done.

What have you been doing?

Have you been wholly relying on interest signals?

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Your crush is not a magician or a sorcerer.

They don’t know what you are thinking.

They need to know what your intentions are so as to react accordingly.

Put yourself in the shoes of your crush.

Would you want someone who is upfront about liking you or someone who sends strange signs that are hard to interpret or perceive?

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Of course you want someone who is upfront, especially with a crush you have romantic feelings for.

No one wants to misinterpret someone else’s signals.

Misinterpreting interest signals and acting on it leads to embarrassment.

This is why indirect signals are often met with a lack of acknowledgement from the object of interest.

Smiling at your crush one day doesn’t mean they interpret that as a sign you are interested in them.

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Whether your crush smiles back at you or not, a quick smile from you is no different from receiving a quick polite smile from a stranger.

At that moment, your crush smiles back to reciprocate the politeness or they choose not to smile back.

Regardless, they aren’t interpreting your smile as a sign of romantic interest.

It doesn’t matter when you make eye contact with your crush either.

As far as your crush is concerned, they happened to catch your eye by accident, in the same vain that a random stranger does.

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Your crush doesn’t read anything special into it.

Why go through these hoops in the hopes your crush discerns that you like them?

Overcome these hoops by making an aggressive move on your crush.

Ask your crush out or let them know about how you feel about them.

Giving up on your crush on account of them not responding to your signals is a mistake.

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You are losing out on someone who has the potential to be interested in you, as long as they are single and available.

Don’t rely on sending interest signals to a crush, as they are completely missed or misinterpreted a lot.

The last thing you want is to lose out on a crush who was interested in you, based on your reluctance to be upfront with them about your interest in them.

Don’t worry about rejection.

Rejection isn’t personal.

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No one person is desirable to everyone.

Not you, not Adonis himself nor Aphrodite herself.

Upon rejection, keep your chin up and keep moving forward to the next.

Until you make a move on your crush, you won’t know whether their is romantic potential with them.

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