Why Did My Ex Throw Pens And Paper At Me For No Reason?

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Why Did My Ex Throw Pens And Paper At Me For No Reason?Assuming that your ex doesn’t make a habit of this, your ex threw the pens and paper at you for a unique reason.

Your ex was most likely reacting to negative emotion. There is something that your ex wants from you that they aren’t getting.

Perhaps they find it difficult to divulge what that is. Your ex may be hoping that you know what it is.

They may even believe that, given your past relationship together, you should know what it is.

In disappointment or despair, your ex threw the pens and paper at you.

You will have to think back to your previous relationship with this ex.

Think about the arguments you used to have.

If you notice that there was a similar pattern to these arguments and what they were about, this may be the problem.

It is likely that those issues never got resolved.

You may have believed that they were but they really weren’t.

Think about what incident ultimately led to the break up.

What was it?

There is a good chance that this incident was tied to the past arguments.

Perhaps your ex really wants to get this past issue of contention resolved.

Your ex may actually believe that there were a lot of good things about your pairing.

They may have actually enjoyed being in the relationship and felt that there was a lot more good there than bad.

However, this particular issue was never resolved.

You didn’t help to make it so.

This may not have necessarily been just your fault.

Your ex has a hand in this too.

Your ex was the other part of the relationship.

They did bear half the responsibility.

However, your ex may be casting most of the onus on you.

Your ex may believe that you should have been the one to make this issue right.

They may not have wanted to assume the responsibility of doing this.

Now that they threw pens and paper at you, they may want you to assume this responsibility and fix the issue.

They may want you to do this because they want to be back with you.

As I mentioned earlier, there may have been several parts of your previous relationship that they actually liked.

They may have found a lot of good in that relationship that outweighed the bad.

However, they want this particular issue resolved so that they may be able to restart this relationship and move it forward.

Your ex is reacting to emotion.

Again, I am assuming that this was a one time incident.

If this is the case, it was most likely powered by emotion and desire.

Your ex most likely still cares about you, perhaps even loves you.

They may want the relationship to happen once more.

They just want you to take control of the situation and help fix the previous issues.

They may want you to acknowledge that a relationship can happen again as long as you help resolve the issues.

The question is, do you want your ex back?

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