My Boyfriend Doesn’t Seem To Be Interested In Having A Relationship With My Family. How Do I Handle This?

My Boyfriend Doesn't Seem To Be Interested In Having A Relationship With My Family. How Do I Handle This?

When your boyfriend isn’t much of a family person with his own family, he will more than likely be the same with your family.

Hence, his disinterest in having a relationship with your family may really have nothing to do with your family in general.

It may stem from his own experiences with his family and how he handles his own family.

If he is not close with his own family and tends to avoid them, he may not want to get close to or be interested in having a relationship with your family.

If you notice that he isn’t close to his own family, you will have to deduce what the reason is for that.

If you have already been around his family and observed that they are very eccentric, selfish or unloving, you may have pinpointed the problem.

If your boyfriend has talked to you in the past about his unhappiness with his family and why that is, you have something to work with.

You would have to convince your boyfriend that your own family won’t treat him the same way his family has.

They won’t treat him poorly or disrespectfully.

One of the best ways to do this is to gradually bring your individual family members around him from time to time that have the same interests that he does.

If you have a sibling that shares a love for something that your boyfriend is passionate about, bringing that one sibling around your boyfriend from time to time can help a lot in enabling your boyfriend to find common ground.

Guys tend to bond with each other over sports.

If your boyfriend has a love for baseball, you can invite your sibling to hang out with all of you and watch that baseball game on Sunday.

This is an area where your boyfriend can develop a strong bond with your sibling over time.

When he notices that your sibling knows a lot about baseball just as he does, he becomes less adamant to his presence.

When your boyfriend notices the kind of excitement your sibling has for baseball and how your sibling is able to analyze the game and give his opinion, your boyfriend may marvel at that.

This will make your sibling more and more endearing to your boyfriend.

Start in small doses.

You don’t want to overwhelm your boyfriend.

However, if you were to gradually bring your one sibling into these situations, a bond can slowly develop between your sibling and your boyfriend.

Your boyfriend may even get to the point where he is asking you if your sibling is coming over to watch the game so that he can get the beer ready.

This is when you are beginning to gain some progress.

If your boyfriend gets this comfortable with your sibling and notices that your sibling’s mannerisms are nothing like the negativity he has experienced with his own family, he would be more willing to meet and develop relationships with other members of your family over time.

He would assume that other members of your family must have some similar attributes to your sibling.

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