Why Isn’t My Boyfriend Making Time To Talk To Me?

Why Isn't My Boyfriend Making Time To Talk To Me?

One reason why your boyfriend may not be making time to talk to you could be because he may be worried that you will bring up a particular topic that he doesn’t want to talk about.

When a guy doesn’t want to address an issue, he will try to avoid it by cutting back on communication.

Think back to what has been going on in your relationship.

Is there something that you have both been having a hard time dealing with?

Perhaps your boyfriend has been having certain issues that you have been trying to address with him.

If he hasn’t come out with his reasons for why those issues are occurring, he may be procrastinating.

Perhaps you have noticed that your boyfriend doesn’t spend enough time with you or he tends to ignore your side of family and friends and only wants to do things with his side.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that he rarely takes you out on dates like he used to or he is always unwilling to try out an activity that you love.

Whatever the issues may have been of recent, you may have been letting him know about them or trying to talk about them.

If he doesn’t want to address these issues unequivocally, he will try to avoid them.

This is when he starts to avoid making time to talk to you.

Each time he feels the need to talk to you, he may stop himself because he knows that you are going to bring up some of these issues.

He may not want to deal with them right now and come up with an answer or resolution.

He would much rather ignore them. As a result, he keeps trying to avoid making that time to talk to you.

Perhaps there is a part of him that is trying to convince himself that he will ultimately make that time.

That part of him may be his conscience.

His conscience may know that it is the right thing to make time to talk to you and may be telling him that he will ultimately do so.

However, in the meantime, he can procrastinate and delay.

Another reason why your boyfriend may not be making time to talk to you could also be because he is not taking your relationship with him seriously.

Indeed, he may believe that you are more emotionally invested in this relationship than he is.

Knowing this may make him unwilling to make time to talk to you.

He knows that every time he does this, he would only make you that much more emotionally invested or involved in the relationship.

Perhaps he wants to keep this to a minimum and avoid the possibility that you may fall for him too deep and too hard while he doesn’t feel the same for you.

There may be a part of him that believes that as long as he doesn’t make the time to talk to you or keeps that time at a minimum, you will not fall for him and put him in a position where he has to deal with his own emotions in comparison to yours.

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