How Long Did It Take For You To Meet Your SO’s Family And Friends?

Meeting your significant other’s family and friends can happen relatively quickly or can take a while.

How Long Did It Take For You To Meet Your SO's Family And Friends?Don’t fall into the trap of believing that there is a particular ironclad timeline that is required.

People make the mistake of becoming too married to the idea of a timeline.

This puts a strain on their relationship.

In other words, they forget that they need to continue working towards building a strong connection and camaraderie with their partner.

Their primary concern is with the timeline, as opposed to growing their relationship in a healthy fashion.

If you fall into the same trap, you become impatient with your partner.

This leads to you getting angry at your partner for no substantive reason.

In the back of your mind, you are wondering why the meeting with his family and friends hasn’t happened yet.

Sooner or later, you take this anger too far and refuse to be as affectionate as you once were with him, hoping that he acknowledges that you are upset in not having met his family and friends yet.

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All of this behavior works against you.

It makes him feel uncomfortable around you, knowing that you are going to give him a negative attitude whenever he is around you.

As a result, he hangs out with you a lot less, as he finds reasons to avoid talking to you, or to not be in your presence, so as not to put himself in a situation where he is made unhappy by your negative attitude.

He hangs out a lot more with his friends and family in an attempt to avoid you.

Obviously, this isn’t what you want.

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Having a negative attitude accomplishes the opposite of what you want.

This is why it is so important that you don’t focus on how long it is taking to meet your significant other’s family and friends.

Steer clear of using the relationships of your friends as an example either.

This is another trap that people in your position fall into.

Although a number of your friends met the family and friends of their significant others in fairly short order, that doesn’t mean your relationship dynamic is the same.

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It isn’t.

Being that you are in a unique relationship, never judge your own relationship based on this expectation.

This only results in making you resentful of your partner if they haven’t introduced you to their family and friends yet, and this has a tendency to jeopardize a relationship.

When you let your relationship progress naturally, you are bound to meet your significant other’s family and friends at the right time.

The only time there is cause for worry is when your significant other is constantly arranging a meeting and breaking it at the last moment.

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In this scenario, he is leading you on and has no intention of having you meet his family and friends.

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