Dating And Kids?

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Dating And Kids?You will have to find a balance in your life.

If you are wanting to date but also have kids, you will have to organize your life and time around making both work.

It can be done.

The mistake that so many people make in your situation is believe that they simply can’t make it work.

As a result, they will focus on one over the other because they have convinced themselves that it simply cannot be done.

This is not the way to approach this situation.

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When you learn how to balance your time, you will be able to date consistently even though you have kids.

You may have to begin to prioritize certain things and get rid of others.

Do you really need to perform that particular activity that you are used to doing on a weekly basis?

Perhaps you can find a way to either cut down the number of times you do this weekly activity or just get rid of it so that you can spend that time meeting new prospective dates.

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You will have to take an honest look at your life.

Take a look at your weekly schedule.

Take a look at the weekly activities you tend to engage in.

Take a look at what you tend to do with your kids during the week and how long you do it with them.

Are there areas where you can cut back?

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Are there areas where you can cut out a half hour or more from the activity or task?

Are there areas you have merely done because you just wanted something to do but are entirely unnecessary?

Are there areas where you can have a friend or family member help out in alleviating that responsibility from your schedule?

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If you truly took a hard and intentional look at your weekly schedule, you will find that there are areas that you can cut back on or get rid of entirely in order to make room for dating even if you have kids.

Also understand that dating when you have kids should not be approached as though you have no personality of your own.

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One of the factors that makes it difficult for certain women to date successfully when they have kids is that they tend to only talk about their kids or kid related topics.

They may have no real understanding or awareness that this is what they do.

Since their kids are such an integral part of their lives, they fill the air with discussions about school, PTA meetings, doctor appointments, music practice, sleep overs etc.

Unfortunately, these women are boring their dates and making them feel like there is nothing more to them.

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These women may even believe that they are finding common ground with their date because their date has kids as well.

So they blabber on about their kids.

Don’t do this.

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Your date is there to learn about you as a person first and foremost.

Focus on letting them witness your personality and the rest can follow in time.

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