My Boyfriend Has Become Extremely Overbearing Since He Found Out I’m Pregnant And It’s Starting To Put A Huge Damper On How I Feel About Him?

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My Boyfriend Has Become Extremely Overbearing Since He Found Out I'm Pregnant And It's Starting To Put A Huge Damper On How I Feel About Him?Your boyfriend may be worried about the pregnancy and how it will go.

He becomes overbearing because he is responding to his internal fears.

Perhaps this is the first child he is going to have and he may worry that something is going to go wrong or that he may end up not being a good father.

He may be nervous.

He may have anxiety based on his own family history or experience.

Perhaps he didn’t have the best childhood.

He may be looking back on his life wondering whether he will end up being just like his unloving father or mother.

He may be fearful of this.

When he becomes overbearing, he may be trying to compensate for this.

He may be doing everything he can think about in order to prevent himself from believing that he will do as poor a job as his father or mother did.

All this anxiety can build up to the point where he becomes extremely overbearing.

He may not even be aware that he is being this overbearing to you.

He may believe that he is making all the right moves.

He may believe that he is doing what he is supposed to be doing and that you should be grateful that he is being this attentive to your pregnancy.

However, this is overbearing and it has indeed put a damper on how you feel about him.

He may also be doing this because he is a perfectionist by nature.

Perhaps he wants you to have the best pregnancy possible so that the child is healthy when delivered.

He may want you to eat the right foods and stay away from anything that is even remotely dangerous for the child.

He may not want you to perform any kind of strenuous activity or to even continue hanging out with your friends the way you used to.

He is a perfectionist and believes that everything must be done by the book and in the right way.

If he is a perfectionist by nature, he would approach your pregnancy in the same way.

You may need to let him know that you have this under control and that he doesn’t have to be so overbearing.

He may not be aware of just how far he has taken this.

You may also notice that he may become judgmental of you in general.

Choices that you used to make with your life that he had no issue with have now become a problem.

These choices are now a problem because it is now all about the baby.

He has no real experience with this sort of thing so he merely assumes that you are in the wrong for lying in bed a certain way or posturing a certain way.

Hence, in a situation like this, educating him about how pregnancy should be handled will be helpful.

You may need to sit him down and tell him about how things work.

You may need to enlighten him by having him read some books or even watch some videos about pregnancy.

Once you educate him to the true facts about pregnancy and what is and isn’t permitted, he may become less overbearing because you have educated him.

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