Can Someone Be With Someone Else And Still Have Feelings For You, Yet, They Try To Hide Them?

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Can Someone Be With Someone Else And Still Have Feelings For You, Yet, They Try To Hide Them?

Yes, someone can be with someone else and still have feelings for you and try to hide them in the process.

This person may not be entirely dedicated to who they are with.

There may be a part of her that wants to be with someone else.

However, she stays in the relationship that she is in because it is safe and is what she knows.

If she still has feelings for this other person that she is trying to hide, she may be worried that those feelings wouldn’t be reciprocated if she showed them openly.

She may be worried about this other person not wanting to be with her or not seeing her in the same way.

As a result, she guards herself.

She hides the fact that she has feelings for this other person.

Perhaps she is waiting on this person to make a decisive move on her.

She will look in that person’s direction and look away the moment that person catches her eye.

She will try to be in the general vicinity of the person but remain somewhat aloof so that she isn’t noticed.

She may watch what this person is doing on social media just so that she can find a way to stay in touch with what this person is doing in life.

She may even ask questions about this person from time to time to friends and colleagues.

She may be curious about who this person is dating.

She may create a mental picture of what it would be like to date this person.

She may even start envisioning herself with this person and what it would be like to date them.

She will do all this as quietly as she can so as not to be too obvious about it.

Clearly, in a scenario like this, she has feelings for this person.

This other person may actually be who she always wanted to be with.

Hence, the partner that she currently has may not have even been her first choice.

However, for some reason, the relationship she truly wanted did not happen.

She settled for the person that she is currently with.

Indeed, someone can be with someone else but truly have feelings for another.

This does happen quite often.

However, there is something about this that tends to get confused.

There are some people who are perfectly happy in their relationships but they will look at others admiringly from time to time or flirt with them.

This is a person who isn’t necessarily wanting to be with that other person.

She is merely admiring and playing around.

It can be easy to misconstrue what she is doing as a sign that she still has feelings.

The truth may be that she is merely doing this because she knows that she will never take it any further.

In other words, there is something about some light flirting that can be appealing to someone who is already taken.

However, she does know that there is nothing more to this than what is on the surface.

Thereby, don’t allow your desires for her to get the best of you and make you believe that there are feelings there when indeed there may not be.

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