How To Choose Between A Guy Best Friend Who Has Always Liked You And A Crush Who Is Showing Signs Of Strong Interest?

Ask yourself about who you feel would be the best fit for you at this stage in your life and into the future.

How To Choose Between A Guy Best Friend Who Has Always Liked You And A Crush Who Is Showing Signs Of Strong Interest?Is your best friend or crush better as a friend than as a lover, given the your current lifestyle and its trajectory?

Your best option may be neither of these two options.

The principal task for you right now is to figure out where they both fit in your life and in what you are looking for in a relationship.

You do not have to choose either one at this time if you believe that there is something missing.

This is the mistake that so many girls in your situation make.

You are not obligated to choose one for the express reason that they like you.

First and foremost, you should look at your life and what you want out of it at this stage.

Is there a goal or career path that you are headed toward that means a lot to you at this time?

Is there something that you are really hoping to accomplish in your life in the near future?

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Now, think about this.

Who is the best person out of the two that supports you on this journey.

Getting into a relationship is a commitment.

Don’t get into one for the sake of doing so.

Should you have a dream or goal in life, don’t hinder yourself with who you choose.

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A guy best friend who seems like someone who would support you on this endeavor and is doubly on his own path of fulfillment, is your best option.

Same with your crush.

The key here is not to get so caught up between these two individuals that you forget what is most or at least equally important, you.

Included in this is the stage in life you currently are and where you want to go with your life into the future.

Whoever you believe facilitates that journey of self is your best option for a relationship.

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How would either one of these guys respond to unappealing facets of your personality?

People see what they want to see when they like someone.

They see the good and either ignore the bad or turn a blind eye to it.

This is dangerous, as it prevents them from facing reality.

When one of these two options has seen you at your worst or at your most vulnerable, and yet, has never judged you for that, that person is your best option.

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You should want to be with someone who you know can handle you when you are at your best and at your worst.

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