What Do You Do When Your Mom Chases Off Your Girlfriends?

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What Do You Do When Your Mom Chases Off Your Girlfriends?Your mom may be chasing off your girlfriends because she is afraid of losing you to them.

There may be a jealous side to her that tells herself that each and every girl that you have had as girlfriends were just not good enough for her son.

She may try to justify what she is doing by using that reasoning as her defense.

She may try to force herself to believe that the only reason why she chases your girlfriends away is because she only wants the best for you and these girlfriends were simply not good choices.

Well, this is where you have to step in and stand up for yourself.

If you continue allowing your mom to chase away perfectly good girlfriends, you may end up suffering psychologically and may find yourself in constantly dysfunctional relationships.

You may start dating girls that you only date because you believe that your mother would approve of them.

Your dating life then becomes about pleasing your mother and not yourself.

This will only lead to failed relationship after failed relationship because no girlfriend you date will ever be worthy enough for your mom.

This is not a case of your mom looking out for your well-being.

This is typically a case of jealousy and insecurity.

You may be dealing with a mom who is simply not willing to let you go.

The only way she can even entertain the thought of letting you go is by ensuring that you date someone just like her.

However, the moment you even try to do something like that, she starts to feel as though someone else is encroaching on her territory to fulfill her role, she gets worried and chases that girlfriend away too.

In the end, it is not about whether you can find the right girlfriend that will please her.

It’s about her not losing her place in your life.

It’s about her not being relegated to number two in your list of people who are the most important to you.

These are the emotions that your mom is more than likely going through.

You will have to stop this kind of behavior.

You will have to tell your mom that she can’t keep chasing away your girlfriends.

She will try to defend herself at first and even deny it but you have to stand firm.

If you are worried about confronting your mom about this issue, you have to get over that.

To do this, simply take a step back and look at the future that awaits you if you were to continue on this path without doing anything.

That future appears lonely with a series of failed relationships or a lack of relationships because you would have given up.

Is this where you want to end up in life?

What happens if you allow this to persist throughout your life and your mom eventually passes.

You will be left alone still stuck in that frame of mind having lost a precious number of years that you could have spent building wonderful romantic relationships.

This isn’t where you want to be.

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