Torn Between Two Lovers

Torn Between Two Lovers

When torn between two lovers, making a decision on whether you want to have one or both has to be made, so that there is clarity and a lack of confusion.

In deciding you want to have one, consider the relationship you want.

Are you looking for a long-term relationship or a short-term casual relationship?

Wanting a long-term relationship, pick the lover that is fine with your flaws.

This is the person that has seen you at your worst and still accepts you.

They see you for what you are and are happy to be with you.

In the event both lovers share this quality, pick the lover that you feel most comfortable sharing your most intimate secrets with.

A long-term relationship is ill-fated without trust.

A lover who makes you comfortable fulfills that trust.

This is someone that you are going to have in your life for a while.

They go through all the good times and bad with you.

Without fear of judgment, you share your most vulnerable thoughts with them.

In looking for a short-term casual relationship, pick the lover that you have the most nonsensical banter with.

The one that doesn’t value having intimate talks, much preferring doing fun activities.

The one that is more focused on the present than in contemplating about the future.

In the event you decide that you want both, let them both know that you are seeing people.

They need to know that there are other people involved, but you don’t have to tell them who exactly.

Advising them that you are seeing others is enough.

A choice to stay on their end means you get to have them both.

Do understand that choosing this path normally leads to jealousy, not strictly on their part but yours too.

Having two lovers doesn’t mean you won’t get jealous when one pays another woman or man more attention than they do you.

Figure out the relationship you want and pick one based on that.

Remaining divided between them, it gets to the point where you make yourself miserable, sabotaging both relationships, looking for an out from so much pressure.

The sooner you choose the right lover for you, the better.

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