When A Girl Says She Sees You As A Friend Over A Text Conversation?

When A Girl Says She Sees You As A Friend Over A Text Conversation?Then she sees you as a friend and that is where she stands at this moment in time.

It doesn’t really matter what medium she used to tell you that she sees you as a friend.

Whether she did it over a text conversation, social media or face to face, it is all the same thing. She only sees you as a friend and not a romantic prospect.

This is something that you have to come to terms with. You will really have to allow yourself to accept the truth and your hard reality.

There is a reason why she is telling you this.

There is most likely a part of her that knows that you want more from her than she is willing to give.

She has probably known this for a while.

She has probably been preparing herself to tell you what she just did.

She knows that she has to be clear about how she feels about you at this time.

This is the moment that she has chosen to do it.

What you may do now is find ways to deny it.

You may start replaying all of the wonderful moments that you have had with her.

You may ask yourself how this can be possible when it feels like you have such great chemistry with her.

Your conversations with her are always so exciting.

They last so long and she always seems like she is into them.

She tells you how amazing you are all the time.

When you hang out with her, she is always so happy and content to be around you.

You make her laugh and boy, does she laugh out loud.

She never has a problem revealing really personal things about herself to you.

She always seems to trust your judgment.

She even initiates texts on a regular basis with you.

You look at all of this and you begin to refuse to accept what she has just texted you.

There has to be a reason why she told you that she sees you as a friend.

All these previous signs had to have meant that she was interested.

Well, you are right in thinking that these signs can be totally indicative of romantic tendencies.

However, in your case, she has told you how she sees you.

In the end, this is what you have to take from this experience.

What she has told you is what she is feeling.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to think about all these moments you have had with her and read too much into them.

These were moments that may have been more special to you than they were to her.

People handle similar situations in different ways.

When she had those long conversations with you, she may have simply wanted someone to talk to.

When she laughed at your jokes, she may have truly found them funny but nothing more.

The danger is in believing that there was something more because you felt that way.

The truth is that you can be in the same experience with someone and they come out of it with a totally different perspective than your own.

It is like when we all go see the same movie.

One may walk out elated and the other may walk out just satisfied and nothing more.

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