When Is It Acceptable To Sleep With A New Guy?

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When Is It Acceptable To Sleep With A New Guy?

It depends on how the both of you connect and how you both feel emotionally.

Putting a time frame on when it is acceptable to sleep with a new guy can be tricky and difficult.

You may act in an unnatural way, trying everything in your power to push your true emotions aside just so that you don’t give in to your desires.

This can make the process of dating this new guy a lot more stressful than it needs to be.

You should understand where you stand mentally at this stage in your life.

If you are still dealing with emotions that you haven’t gotten over based on what happened in your last relationship, sleeping with this new guy too soon may not be the best idea.

You don’t want him to seem like a rebound.

However, if you are open and you are not still dealing with emotional issues from a previous relationship or emotional issues in general, you should allow the process to flow naturally.

This makes it easier on you.

If there is true chemistry and a connection, it will feel natural to sleep with this new guy when it is appropriate.

You don’t have to lay out a defined time frame or length of time. You both will simply just know because it feels natural.

Something else you should also consider is where this new guy is coming from mentally as well.

Is he still stuck on an old girlfriend?

Does he seem like he could really care less about you and would rather just do it?

If he is at a place mentally that doesn’t agree with you, you should be cautious about sleeping with this new guy too soon.

The problem that so many people have in your situation is that they may sleep with the new guy when they aren’t quite ready simply because they feel like the new guy wants it.

Out of fear of losing the new guy, they give in.

Approaching this situation in this manner could be very detrimental to your emotional well-being.

You may begin to care for a guy who simply wanted to sleep with you and nothing else.

If that is all you wanted from the start, there isn’t a problem.

However, if you are merely going to sleep with this new guy just so that you can appease him out of fear of losing him, you may end up getting seriously hurt.

So let’s revise.

You must ensure that you are emotionally ready to sleep with this new guy and not still be emotionally distraught from a previous relationship.

You must ensure that this guy is also at the same place you are mentally and not still stuck on an emotional roller coaster thanks to his previous relationship either.

If you are both on the same page emotionally and have chemistry, the intimacy will happen naturally within the flow of your interaction.

You wouldn’t have to force it or wedge it into some kind of time line.

This is the kind of approach you should use.

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