Will A Guy Expect Sex If You Go To His House?

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Will A Guy Expect Sex If You Go To His House?


Whether it’s your first date or beyond, going to a guy’s house instantly plants the seed in his mind that sex is an expectation.

A gentleman isn’t going to go overboard.

He won’t be overly aggressive.

Rather, he waits for cues from what you say and how you behave.

Pause for a moment to assess how you feel.

Any reluctance or resistance on your part to have sex with him means you aren’t ready to.

Choosing to go to his house anyway puts you in a vulnerable situation.

A gentleman won’t overstep your boundaries but he might misread cues from you and look at those as his go-ahead to make a sexual move on you.

Why put yourself in this position to begin with?

The best insurance policy, to avoid any awkwardness whatsoever, is to suggest meeting somewhere else on your date.

A gentleman respects your request and doesn’t have a fit.

A guy who is intent on having sex with you is less inclined to respect your request upon hearing it.

He asks you why you changed your mind and proceeds to poke holes at your response, in the hopes that you loosen up, change your mind again and come over to his house for the date.

This is an instant warning sign that he only cares about having sex with you.

Think twice about seeing this guy again, regardless of whether he comes around and agrees to meeting you somewhere else.

Suggesting a meeting somewhere else is your safest bet that there are no misunderstandings, misreads or awkward moments at this date.

However, in the event that you still want to go over to his house on this date but don’t want to have sex with him, tell him beforehand.

There is nothing wrong with setting expectations.

Guys appreciate a woman who is this forthright.

It keeps them from getting ahead of themselves mentally, making themselves believe they are about to get lucky when the girl shows up at their house for the date.

Be polite, but straightforward.

Tell him that you are looking forward to the date but that you don’t intend to sleep with him so soon.

Now that you have set the expectations, you must have the discipline to follow through with it.

It works in your favor to avoid alcohol consumption while you are at his house.

Alcohol loosens inhibitions.

No matter how well-behaved he has been all night, the moment the alcohol loosens up your lips and body and he gets the sense you want to get a little physical, he is going to take advantage of it.

Don’t mislead yourself into thinking that a little kissing is harmless.

It isn’t.

It often leads to more.

Next thing you know, all your discipline is out the door, and the kissing has segued into heavy breathing, groping and feral sex like two dogs in heat.

Avoiding the consumption of alcohol completely is the safest route, otherwise, consume a beverage that has very little alcohol content.

A woman who sticks to her word is one a man respects.

If you lack the discipline to go to his house and avoid all forms of intimacy, including kissing, don’t go.

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