Is He Losing Interest?

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Is He Losing Interest?When you notice that you are not going out as often with this guy as you used to, he is more than likely losing interest in you.

If you have also noticed that he doesn’t communicate with you as much, he may be losing interest.

A lack of communication often indicates that he no longer feels that the interaction is valuable enough to put out the effort.

Who would he rather hang out with?

When he would rather hang out with his friends than you, he may be losing interest.

His actions will give you the answer.

He may give excuses at first as to why the communication or dates have become fewer.

However, you have to be cognizant of the fact that excuses can only go so far.

When all you hear are excuses over a sustained period of time, he is more than likely losing interest.

He would give you excuses because he hasn’t quite decided what to do with the relationship or he may want to keep his options open by stringing you along.

However, he is clearly showing a lack of enthusiasm.

Think about it.

What do you typically do when you like someone?

You want talk to them often and hang out.


If he isn’t doing this as much anymore, it may be because he is either thinking of wanting out of this relationship or may be looking to someone else to satisfy his needs.

For someone to truly like and be interested in another, they have to show a true effort.

They have to show through action that the interest is indeed there.

If he were to tell you that this is only due to him being too busy or the like, you need to be careful and assess the situation.

Why has he gotten so busy all of a sudden?

What exactly is making him busy?

Is he still finding the time to hang out with friends and family amid all this busyness?

Well, if he hasn’t really gotten involved in anything that would make his life busy right now, why believe him?

Even if he may have gotten involved in something that would make his life busy, how is he finding the time to converse and hang out with friends or family?

If he is finding that time, why isn’t he sparing some of it for you as well?

These are all very important questions that you need to think about.

You may also notice that he tends to hang around your own family and friends a lot less than before.

When someone is losing interest, they are not as emotionally invested in the other person’s life as they were.

As a result, they would want to have less interaction with this person’s social circle because they wouldn’t want to always have to fake how they truly feel.

There is a chance that the more exposure he gets to your family and friends, the more likely some of them will be able to tell that he may be losing interest.

He wouldn’t want to keep putting himself around that kind of scrutiny.

Due to this, there will be a lot less interaction with your family and friends on his end.

You will need to use what you have observed him doing to help you ascertain whether he is losing interest.

Oftentimes, you will find that his actions alone speak volumes for where his heart currently is. That heart may no longer be in this relationship.

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