Internet Dating, Should I Tell Him I Have Tattoos?

Internet Dating, Should I Tell Him I Have Tattoos?

If you are internet dating and you have a whole lot of tattoos, it would be a good idea to tell him.

If you only have a couple, it shouldn’t be necessary.

Most people have a threshold of tolerance when it comes to tattoos.

One or two is typically not a big deal.

If you have a whole lot of tattoos, the best way to tell him is to bring up tattoos as a topic of discussion.

You could ask him what he thinks about them.

Regardless of whether he tells you that he likes them or doesn’t, you would need to let him know about yours.

You may be tempted not to if he were to tell you that he doesn’t like tattoos.

However, try not to let this dissuade you.

He may truly like you enough to overlook the fact that you have a lot of tattoos.

He may have never dated someone with so many.

However, this doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be willing to try.

You should make him aware so that he knows what to expect.

If he were to meet you in person and discover that you have all those tattoos for the first time, he may be unhappy by the fact that you didn’t let him know about this when you had that conversation about tattoos.

This alone may be enough to turn him off.

In other words, the fact that you weren’t forthcoming was what caused the problem and not the fact that you have so many tattoos.

Honesty is a big key to success in internet dating.

The people who are the most honest about their appearance are the ones who tend to have the most success in finding relationships.

This is because their potential dates know what to expect when they meet face to face.

There are no surprises.

Whether he tells you that he likes tattoos or not, just be honest with him about the fact that you have a lot of them.

You don’t have to go into detail about where or what they are unless he asks you that.

Simply let him know that you have a lot of tattoos.

You could even give him the number of tattoos so that he gets a clear picture.

Again, this is all about being honest and open.

This is the only way that you will succeed in internet dating.

You cannot let the fear of being rejected stop you from being truthful.

Also, try your best not to become defensive about your tattoos.

This is what people will often do when they are worried that their tattoos will turn off the person that they like.

They start to talk about why they got this or that tattoo.

They start to talk about the significance of said tattoo and why it was so important to have it at that moment in time in their lives.

They do all of this defending without prompting because they don’t want to send the wrong message to the other person.

They want that person to see them as good and worth dating.

This shouldn’t be you.

The tattoos are a part of who you are and you should remain proud of that.

You can’t start defending them.

All that will do is make you appear weak and insecure.

This alone may actually turn him off.

Just be honest and open. If you are right for each other, you will get beyond this and have lots of future dates.

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