He Doesn’t Know Why He Isn’t Interested In You

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He Doesn't Know Why He Isn't Interested In You

If he doesn’t know why he isn’t interested in you, it doesn’t change the fact that he still isn’t interested in you.

Does it really matter that much why he doesn’t?

You may want him to be interested in you so much that you are ignoring the reality of what he has already told you.

He is just not interested.

He may know the reason why he isn’t interested in you and then again, he may not.

However, you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors if you were to simply to sit around wondering what his reasons could be.

He may be unwillingly to tell you why he isn’t interested in you because he may not want to hurt your feelings.

As a result, he may not want to get into too many details about his reasoning.

He may also not want to feel awkward about it all.

It would almost feel like he is being your judge and jury.

There can be something very unsettling about that.

He may not want to put himself in that uncomfortable position.

He may also not what to tell you why he isn’t interested because he has someone else that he prefers over you.

It may not even have to do with something that you said or did.

It may not even be the way you look.

He may like you somewhat but just not enough to take it any further.

There may be someone else that piques his interest and he would rather be with than you.

He may also have told you that he doesn’t know why he isn’t interested in you because he isn’t sure whether he wants to get into a relationship right now with anyone or to date.

He is just not in that frame of mind.

He may simply prefer to be on his own right now and do his own thing.

There is a decent chance that he may have been tempted by the prospect of dating you.

However, now that this prospect seems likely, he is beginning to have doubts.

He is beginning to wonder whether being in a relationship is truly what he wants to do.

There is a part of him that may have simply gotten into this with you without giving it much thought.

He may have simply started it because he didn’t believe that things would get this far.

He just wanted to have fun and go with the moment.

However, he is now realizing that the reality of dating you on a serious level has become very possible.

As a result, he has become worried and has realized that this has gone further than he would have wanted.

He has now come to the realization that this thing is real and a very strong possibility.

He knows that he was never truly wanting to be in a relationship in the first place.

Hence, he tells you that he doesn’t know why he isn’t interested.

He does this based on the fact that he just got into something without really thinking it through.

Now the reality of a relationship is facing him dead on and he has panicked.

He has panicked and may find himself unsure of how he should go about acting.

He may find himself in a dilemma on whether he is interested in you or not.

It may feel safer for him to simply say that he isn’t interested but he may still not be entirely certain of that.

Whether he chooses to explore the possibility that there is romantic interest may be difficult for him to undertake but there may always be a part of him that just can’t help but keep flirting with the idea.

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