Should I Keep The Hope That We Will Get Back Together?

You shouldn’t keep the hope that you will get back together, as you are no longer together for a reason.

Should I Keep The Hope That We Will Get Back Together?Unfortunately, you two had a lot of fights and failed at expressing yourselves correctly.

This person you want back found someone else that they have more of a connection with.

What you once had with this person has come to an end.

To move forward with your life in a positive fashion, accept this.

The problem with keeping the hope is in how this could be all on your end.

The person that you are wanting back in your life isn’t feeling the same way you are.

They are going on with their lives and meeting new people.

Meanwhile, you are sitting around keeping the hope that they will get back together with you.

When a person hasn’t shown any real effort in getting back together with you, it is unlikely that they will.

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It is all about taking action.

Even though you had discussions with this person about the possibility of getting back together and they seemed to show interest, it really doesn’t matter when there is no consequent and appropriate action.

You have to judge this person based on what they are doing, not what they are saying.

It’s easy to misjudge this situation, believing that you will get back together based on what you are desperately hoping for.

Unfortunately, this is your desire talking and not your reason.

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You have to look at the reality of the situation and realize that it takes two people to make this work.

No matter how badly you want it, you can’t force someone to feel something for you that they don’t.

They have to have the same genuine feelings and eagerness to make this work and get back together.

This means that they take the obligatory actions to make it happen and this is clearly not happening in your case.

You shouldn’t keep the hope that you will get back together, being that there is no way to determine when or if this happens.

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How long exactly are you going to keep the hope and wait?

A month?

A year?

A decade?

How long can you possibly put your life on hold in the hopes that this happens?

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There are no guarantees that it happens, and life is too unpredictable to wait around hoping.

You end up passing up on several romantic opportunities that would have been good for you as you wait.

These are romantic opportunities that most people would have taken advantage of.

You missed out on them.

All for what? In the hopes that you get back together?

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There are no guarantees that you will ever get back together and time is precious.

What you had with this person is over.

It’s time for you to move forward with your life.

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