Deeply In Love With A Guy Who Is Taken

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Deeply In Love With A Guy Who Is Taken

Being deeply in love with a guy doesn’t miraculously change the reality that he is taken.

Love obfuscates the mind.

It forces you into believing the impractical.

Too much reliance on love saving the day is folly.

It doesn’t matter that you wait for him, in the hopes he breaks up.

Many relationships come to an end, but you don’t know whether his relationship is one of those.

What are you going to do?

Wait forever?

Why miss out on other potential partners who have the emotional availability to love you deeply.

There is an allure to wanting what we don’t have.

It’s human nature, but that object of desire isn’t guaranteed to be there in time.

A scenario where he leaves his partner doesn’t mean that he is on the verge of falling in love with you as his next partner.

No matter how compatible you believe you are with him, it doesn’t point to him feeling the same.

Forcing, wishing or praying for someone to love you isn’t realistic.

He has to feel like you do, from within.

What makes you think you are someone he is wired to fall in love with?

Regardless of what you have heard about him or seen on social media, you don’t know what makes a guy like him fall in love.

Not everyone is compatible.

Believing that compatibility with him is a given, isn’t smart.

Don’t tell yourself that loving him deeply is enough to get him to feel likewise over time.

You convince yourself into believing that once you show him how deeply you love him, he is bound to be overwhelmed with emotion, and chooses to date you instead.

Falling back on the power of love.

No amount of love bombing changes his mind when he is taken and unavailable to you emotionally.

Don’t fall into the trap of working so hard to make him see how much he is loved, as you compete with his current partner.

Suddenly, you are cooking for him and bringing the dish to work for his enjoyment during breaks.

You are driving him where he needs to get to when his car is in the shop.

Picking up his laundry.

Giving him gifts and money.

Liking every one of his posts on social media.

Frequenting his favorite hangout spots vying for his attention by buying him drinks.

Love makes us go overboard.

Illogically overboard.

None of this changes anything.

His heart belongs to someone else.

This person fulfills what he needs emotionally.

You have no idea what that is, as you don’t know what his love language is.

No matter how many times you give him gifts or bring him a home-cooked meal, it has no effect when he isn’t emotionally available and you have no idea what his love language is.

Months or years later, you are no closer to getting him to leave his partner and be with you.

Develop an abundance mentality.

Rather than pushing the totality of you chips in on a guy who is already taken, hold your chips back.

Take them to another table.

There is a world of men with romantic potential who aren’t taken.

Push your chips in on them.

The odds are greater you hit a jackpot with them.

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