Deeply In Love With A Guy Who Is Taken

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Deeply In Love With A Guy Who Is Taken

You should let him be.

He is taken and thereby unavailable.

The mistake that people make in situations like this is in holding on.

They tell themselves that simply because they are deeply in love with this guy, things will change.

They tell themselves that somehow, at some point, he will also fall deeply in love with them and leave his current partner.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The unfortunate fact is that you will essentially wait for nothing.

While you are waiting in the hope that somehow this guy will start loving you instead, your potential love life is literally passing you by.

You are losing out on romantic opportunities simply because you are hoping that this guy will eventually love you.

You can’t force someone to love you.

You can’t wish on someone to love you.

You can’t pray on someone to love you.

You can’t force an emotion as powerful as love by sheer will.

The other person has to genuinely feel the same way independently.

They have to genuinely fall in love with you.

Even if you really believe that the both of you should be together because it just feels right, understand that this is all coming from your end.

Love is a two way street.

When all of these thoughts and emotions are coming from your end, you are alone.

He is not experiencing the same emotions because he is his own person.

He has his own way of dealing and feeling emotion that is completely independent of how you go about it.

When a guy is taken he has made a decision to be with a particular person of his choosing. In your current situation, this person isn’t you.

Clearly, he has made his decision.

If you are not the one that he chose to be with or love, you have to accept that fact.

Yes, love is a very powerful emotion that can’t be turned off so easily.

However, you need to begin the process of moving on with your life.

The first step is to acknowledge that this man is taken and no matter how much you believe you love him, this is still the reality.

He is taken and more than likely in love with someone else.

You have to accept this first and foremost.

Once you have done this, you will need to start creating meaning in your life.

Give yourself a purpose.

Make yourself useful to you and your community at large.

This is not a time to suddenly begin a new romance with someone else in the hopes that it will make things better.

This is a big mistake that some women make.

When they realize that they are in love with a man who is taken that they may never have, they get into a new relationship in the hopes that the new person can fill a void.

This never works because this new person would only be there as a replacement to what they really want.

Replacements don’t do very well in relationships.

The most crucial thing you have to do is acknowledge and accept your situation, while understanding the futility of it.

The next thing you have to do is move forward with your life.

Make your life have purpose and meaning. In time, you will get over your love for this man and move on.

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