Should You Date A Freshman?

Should You Date A Freshman?

As long as you are comfortable with it, dating a freshman is perfectly fine.

You have to be secure in this decision.

Without this, it is too easy for you to mess this up.

You will keep worrying about what other people will think and whether this is right for you.

Ultimately, the relationship with the freshman will flounder and fail.

You would have clearly wasted both your time and that of this freshman.

This is why it is very important to ask yourself about what is bothering you about this kind of relationship.

Why exactly are you worried about dating this freshman?

Take account of the reasons why you are feeling this kind of anxiety.

Perhaps it is because you have never dated someone in a lesser grade than you.

You think this is going to feel so creepy, or you are worried that the freshman considers you to be too inappropriate or too old.

Assess your reasons.

Once you do, you should ask yourself whether your interest for this freshman is strong enough to overcome these doubts.

When you are merely experiencing infatuation for this freshman, it will be a lot harder for you to date them and last.

The moment you begin to feel strange about it or someone makes a negative comment about it, you end the relationship or strain it.

This will in turn be very difficult for the freshman to deal with.

They are emotionally invested in the relationship, only to have you ruin it with your fear.

You will have to assess whether you like this freshman enough to give the relationship a chance.

This means that you will go on multiple dates and be seen possibly as a couple in public.

Is this something that you can handle?

How much do you really like this freshman?

Are you sure that you aren’t only experiencing infatuation?

You don’t want to get into something that you can’t handle or follow through with.

Your best bet is to assess just how much you like this freshman first before doing anything else.

When you can truly see a future with this freshman as your date, you can overcome all of your doubts by focusing on this freshman’s actual qualities.

You remember how kind or funny this freshman is and focus on how well he gets along with people.

You acknowledge how this freshman tends to inspire you or make you feel like you can be better.

And you take account how you seem to have the best conversations with this freshman.

Indeed, this freshman has so many good qualities.

Once you assess these qualities and how they make you feel, you can figure out whether this is more than just infatuation.

This means that you will be willing to date this freshman regardless of the doubts that you have been having about them.


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