How Do I Get My Crush To Ask Me Out?

How Do I Get My Crush To Ask Me Out?

A good way to get your crush to ask you out is to start building rapport with your crush.

Start conversations with your crush that makes your crush feel like you are someone who would be fun to hang out with.

You can start by talking about your crush’s interests.

You may have noticed that your crush likes to engage in a particular activity.

Learn more about that activity and start trying to make a connection with your crush by using it as a topic of discussion.

Perhaps your crush is really interested in collecting.

You can learn more about what your crush collects and start asking them questions about it.

Ask your crush about how long they have been collecting and how they tend to get their content.

You must show genuine interest in this.

When you are genuinely interested in it, you will be able to ask good follow up questions about it.

This is what will begin to open up your crush to you.

This is how you begin to build rapport.

This is where you can also start trying to relate to your crush by giving them some insight into what you find interesting as well.

If there is commonality in what your crush enjoys to do and what you enjoy to do, let your crush know that.

The more your crush feels like you have some things in common, the more likely your crush will like you and become more comfortable around you.

This is how you get the process of rapport building going.

From here, you should begin to tell your crush about what you are doing in your life.

Make it sound like you are really having fun out there and being adventurous.

If you are out there engaged in different activities and having new experiences, your crush will be curious about you.

This is also where you can take clues from what your crush tells you.

Your crush may tell you about some activity that he is hoping to do soon.

Perhaps in one of your conversations with your crush, he mentions that he would like to go see a particular movie that was about to come out.

This is your cue to make time to go see the movie for yourself.

This way, the next time you talk to your crush, you can tell them that you saw it.

Your crush may get excited and ask you about how it was.

This instantly gives you an opportunity to create an even better connection with him as you tell him.

The more you talk to your crush about what you are doing in your free time that is similar to what he has been wanting to do or tends to do with his, the more he would feel inclined to ask you out.

He would feel like you are both connected due to similar interests.

Don’t be surprised if he were to ask you out soon after discovering that you just went to see a movie that he has been dying to see.

He may want you to see the next one with him.

His excitement may spill into wanting to have more and more dates with you after the first one.

If you two really get along, your crush could ultimately become your partner.

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