How Early Is Too Early To Ask A Guy What He Wants From You?

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How Early Is Too Early To Ask A Guy What He Wants From You?

If you feel like you want to know right now, ask him.

Learning what this guy wants from you as soon as you can gives you an idea of how he looks at the relationship.

This gives you an opportunity to find out if you are both in pursuit of the same thing.

If you have been dating for a few weeks, there is nothing wrong with asking him what he wants from you.

It is important to know where he stands.

However, you should not be insistent on how you want things to go.

You may be tempted to impose your will on him because you want the relationship to go in a particular direction.

Avoid doing that.

Simply be honest about the fact that you would like to know.

He would be more inclined to be honest with you about what he wants when you don’t make him feel pressured.

If you were to try to influence him in any way by the way you present the question, he may feel like he either has to lie to you or tell you something that he doesn’t feel quite comfortable doing.

It is best to allow him to feel like he can be totally honest with you without having to worry about how you will feel or react.

One of the best ways to get him to feel this comfortable is to show him that you are an open person.

Try to show him your genuine self as you date. Also make a real effort to show a genuine interest in his interests.

When he feels like you a person that he can have a fun time with in an open manner, he would want to be honest with you.

It would be a lot more difficult for him to be dishonest with you about what he wants from you when you have been such an open and honest person to him.

He should feel comfortable enough to tell you the truth.

He knows that you are authentic and not prone to getting carried away.

When he senses this kind of manner in you, he would even feel more compelled to tell you the truth.

Try to gauge how he is reacting to the question when you ask him.

If he is finding it hard to look you straight in the eyes and tell you what he wants, he may be lying.

Watch that body language.

He may start looking everywhere but at you.

This may mean that he has began to tell you something that he may think that you want to hear.

This is obviously not something you want.

You would want him to be honest about what he truly wants from you.

If you notice that his eyes stay averted, you should let him know that it is alright for him to be honest with you.

Remember, the goal is not to put pressure on him.

You are merely trying to find out where he stands.

This is where you can put him at ease by smiling or even touching his arm.

That connection could help him feel like he can be completely honest with you.

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