Can A Relationship Work If You Aren’t Sexually Compatible With Each Other?

For most people in relationships, sexual compatibility is very important and is highly advantageous in creating an authentic bond.

Can A Relationship Work If You Aren't Sexually Compatible With Each Other?Sexual compatibility is a big part of what makes most people in relationships want to learn more about each other in the first place.

Though this is the case for most people, it doesn’t mean that you have to fall within this norm.

You are in a situation where you and this other person in the relationship place little to no value in sexual compatibility.

Your main interest is in the fact that you are there for each other or that you help each other out with things.

This is the relationship that you are in.

Sexual compatibility isn’t important at all to either one of you.

In scenarios like this, the relationship works, being that it doesn’t place any value on sexual compatibility.

There is something else that you both hold to a much higher standard than sexual compatibility.

In a scenario like this, you both have to be at the same place mentally.

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You both have to place higher value on something else besides sexual compatibility.

A relationship doesn’t work when it is just one partner who doesn’t value sexual compatibility.

Either person has to feel likewise so that they make that connection.

One partner that comes into it with the hopes that sexual compatibility happens over time as they both get to know each other, ends up disappointed.

You shouldn’t enter a relationship in the hopes that sexual compatibility happens because you hope that your partner ultimately changes their mind about it.

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If they aren’t into the sexual side of a relationship, they stay that way.

Your partner has a history of being this way.

They are likely to stay this way because it is in their comfort zone.

Don’t be that person who makes the mistake of thinking that you can change how your partner looks at sexual compatibility in a relationship.

You tell yourself that you are going to be that one person that gets your partner to change.

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You are going to be that one partner that charms him so well that he realizes how important sexual compatibility is in a relationship.

As I mentioned earlier, he has a history of relationships where sex was not a factor.

In making him a project, you are wasting precious time on someone that has already made up their mind.

You should be honest about why you want to be with this person.

When sexual compatibility has no bearing in a relationship with you and the other person, this can work.

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You two get to focus on other aspects of the relationship that makes you both equally happy.

This helps you learn more about yourselves in the process, enriching your relationship in a way that you didn’t expect.

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