Should I Go Out With Him Or Is It Too Weird To Go Through With It?

Should you believe there is a good connection, and you are interested in the romantic potential of this connection, go out with him.

Should I Go Out With Him Or Is It Too Weird To Go Through With It?You don’t know how the date goes.

That is partly the reason why we date in the first place.

We do it to see how we connect with someone else and whether there is chemistry.

You have to be open to that.

In thinking that this is all too weird, you miss out on someone who would have been good for you.

Relationships are a risk.

However, we initially go through the dating process so that we give ourselves the best shot at finding the right one for us.

This is why you should strongly consider going out with him as opposed to thinking that it is too weird.

Whatever it is that you think is weird is your fear talking.

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You are so worried that things won’t work out at the date that you decide that this is all too weird.

You have a number of fears that have plagued you in past relationships that you’re holding onto.

It is a fear of failure at the date or that your date won’t live up to your expectations.

Additionally, a fear that by dating this guy, you ruin the relationship that you have with him right now.

Fear mustn’t guide your actions.

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Fear gives you all of the negative, and makes you regret.

Should this person be single and available, you owe it to yourself to give this a shot.

However, you obviously have to be at a place mentally where you feel like you are ready to date.

Having negative emotional issues that have little to do with him is a signal that you aren’t ready to go out with him.

Some people make the mistake of believing that by getting into a new relationship, they get to solve all of their life problems.

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They force themselves to believe that somehow that relationship pulls them out of their depression or their unhappiness.

Unfortunately, that relationship is only a band aid on a rather large wound.

Someone else cannot make you feel better about yourself.

If they do, it is temporary.

The real happiness and satisfaction comes from how you feel within.

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This is where your source of positive energy and love comes from.

Loving yourself is your most important step before thinking about bringing someone else into your life.

A person adds to your happiness when you do it in a healthy way.

They shouldn’t be in charge of it.

That’s your job.

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When you aren’t mentally ready to be in a relationship or to start dating, you shouldn’t go out with him.

Work on yourself first.

If you are ready and happy with yourself, give it a shot.

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