Girls Not Responding On Dating Apps

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Girls Not Responding On Dating AppsYou may not be getting a response from girls that you message on your dating apps because they have a lot of messages to get through.

Girls receive a lot more messages on dating apps than guys do. It is just how it is.

She will have a lot more options to choose from when it comes to messages than you do.

This means that she can be very picky about which messages she chooses to read.

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Another reason why a girl would not respond to your message on the dating app is because she may not be taking all of this too seriously.

Sometimes, people join dating sites out of a sense of curiosity. They may not necessarily be looking for a relationship or even a hook up. They are simply going along perhaps with the rest of their friends who may be using the same dating app.

As a result, the girl may barely check her messages on the dating app. She may check them only once every so many days or even weeks.

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Eventually, more important things take over and she abandons the dating app entirely.

Hence, your messages are not even getting seen at this point.

Girls also tend to not respond to a message on a dating app when they feel like they have already found someone that they really like on the dating site.

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This girl may have been communicating with some other guy all this time and found a connection. She may have all of her interest in this guy at the moment. He is her focus and she wants to talk to him and him only.

She may have even already gone out on a date or two with him.

However, she may still have a live dating profile simply because she hasn’t bothered to deactivate it or cancel it.

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This happens often.

A person may join a dating website and find who they are looking for without bothering to take off their dating profile after the fact. They may get so caught up with this new person in their lives that they simply don’t want to bother removing it.

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Sometimes they may leave it on there just in case things don’t work out with the person that they are currently dating. They would already have an inbox full of messages to choose from if they were to come back.

You should also consider the possibility that girls don’t respond to your messages on the dating site because they don’t like your messages.

If your messages tend to sound generic, it would be a turn off to most girls.

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Most girls want to get the impression that you read their dating profile and found something unique enough about it that compelled you to send them a message.

You won’t get away with sending them generic messages for too long before most girls will catch on to what you are doing.

Focus on sending these girls messages that will get them excited.

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You can leave a joke in the message, ask a specific and relevant question or try to relate to their dating profile in some way.

This kind of approach would give you the best chance at getting a response from some girls on the dating app.

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