My Girlfriend Is Texting Some Other Guy I Am Not Familiar With

A girlfriend who is texting some other guy does so for varied reasons, one of which is that of friendship.

My Girlfriend Is Texting Some Other Guy I Am Not Familiar WithHe is a friend of hers.

You are uneasy about this because she hasn’t spoken of him before or introduced you to him.

A relatively new relationship is a short time frame, making it less likely that she would have told you about every single one of her friends.

It’s okay for your girlfriend to text some other guy.

She has every right to continue communicating with a guy she knew before you became her boyfriend.

Do not start becoming overprotective of your girlfriend.

This is where some relationships suffer.

You should want her to continue being herself and having her friends.

Let her keep having this guy in her life as a friend.

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Part of what makes her happy in life is due to the people that she has as friends or she surrounds herself with.

Contrary to what you believe, you are not the only source of her happiness.

She isn’t who she is today without those friends to some degree.

Acting like those relationships should be abandoned merely because you are her boyfriend, closes her off from a part of what makes her who she is.

She becomes stressed and uneasy in the relationship.

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She complains to her friends, who in turn tell her to get out of the relationship she has with you.

Your behavior forces her to hide in order to text guys that she has had as friends for years.

You don’t want her to do these things right?

The best relationship is one where either partner is open and honest with each other.

They have no trouble communicating with someone else of the opposite gender in front of each other because they have nothing to hide from each other.

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She would be open to telling you about him if she didn’t feel like you would jump to judgmental accusations.

There is a good chance that at some point she will tell you about him as she becomes increasingly comfortable with you.

This does take time.

That being said, you feel like a lot of time has elapsed and you are yet to be told about or introduced to this guy that she texts.

Understand that what you feel is a lot of time is actually a handful of weeks or months in reality.

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This is how a jealous or envious mind gets the best of you.

Being that she is your girlfriend, you have to learn to trust her.

You cannot build a healthy and enduring relationship without trust.

Avoid the mistake of drawing conclusions about this guy.

As your relationship develops, you learn more about him in the future.

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Be patient until then.

Meanwhile, continue working on building a trusting and fulfilling relationship.

Building trust fosters positive growth in a relationship.

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