He’s Giving Me Mixed Signals

He's Giving Me Mixed Signals

When he is giving you mixed signals, he may be playing a game by which he wants to be in full control of the interaction that he is having with you.

He will give you those mixed signals because he always wants to feel like he is at the head of this interaction and he can steer it in whichever direction he chooses.

He probably likes you, at least to some degree.

However, he isn’t ready to give in to this.

He doesn’t want you to become comfortable in this knowledge or to even be too strongly aware of it.

As long as you have some doubt in your mind about how he truly feels about you, you will continue to think about him.

As long as he is continually in your thoughts, he has full control over your emotions and which direction to take them.

This is one of the most common reasons why a guy would give you mixed signals.

He wants to be able to keep you within his control by having you doubt him constantly.

When you are doubting his feelings, you start questioning what you may be doing wrong.

The more you think about this, the more you want him to approve of you and like you.

You may even find yourself willing to say and do things that you normally wouldn’t simply because you want this guy who is giving you mixed signals to give you his approval.

You may start to worry that you are not pretty enough.

You may worry that you are not interesting enough.

You may question why he is talking to other girls and ignoring you today.

These are all anxious thoughts that will constantly pervade your mind.

You will crave his attention more and more because you just want him to know that you are worth pursuing.

You may even get jealous of anyone that starts trying to get his attention.

These are feelings that you will have because you are so uncertain of what he wants.

His mixed signals have literally put you on edge.

Due to the fact that you may begin to question your own worth, you want him more.

In essence, you want him to validate that worth.

It doesn’t matter how many compliments your friends, acquaintances or family may give you because all you care about is a compliment that comes from him.

This is how you think of him now.

You need him to validate you.

The less he does, the more you want it.

He knows that what he is doing is working on you.

As a result, he keeps giving you mixed signals.

He knows that the more you desire him, the more he can get away with.

That means that he can be hot or cold if he chooses and you will forgive him for that.

He can be mean at times and you will forgive him for that.

He can be insensitive to you or someone you care about but you will forgive him for that too.

He gives you these mixed signals because he is turned on by the control and power that it gives him over your acts and emotions.

A guy like this may eventually stop the games.

However, sometimes, it can be hard for a guy who gives mixed signals to let go of the control.

He may ultimately play the game until you can take no more of it and simply give up on him.

He may be spurred to act right if you give up on him, but then again, he may not.

He may simply take this game of giving mixed signals to the next girl he talks to.

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