What Happened? Did He Just Drop Me For Another Girl?

What Happened? Did He Just Drop Me For Another Girl?

If he has stopped communicating with you, there is a good chance that he has dropped you.

If this happened quite suddenly without any real warning, he may have dropped you because someone else of higher priority came into his life.

This person could be this other girl.

However, you should be able to tell by how he has been acting.

Less communication or none at all is typically a good place to start.

If he used to communicate with you all the time but has slowed or stopped entirely, this is the first sign.

If he still communicates but your conversations are much shorter than they used to be, this is another sign that he may have dropped you.

When he talks to you but doesn’t really go into much detail about anything, he may be showing you that he wants to move on and do other things with his time that doesn’t include you.

In other words, he may be impatient. He may be having that conversation simply because he feels that he has to as opposed to because he wants to.

You may also notice that the conversations tend to have very little to do with you.

He may not care too much about how your day went or how you are feeling about a particular issue.

You may try to tell him something like this and he barely addresses it.

It is almost as though you didn’t even mention it.

This is him showing you that he is not as emotionally invested in you as he once was.

You now notice him talking to some other girl on a consistent basis.

Perhaps you even hear him talking to this girl often on the phone. They may even work together and tend to have lunches together.

You know that they hang out often outside of work or school.

But on the other hand, he rarely hangs out with you like he used.

In fact, he hasn’t initiated a date in a while.

You always seem to be the one who initiates dates.

You are getting weary of this.

Now you see that he is actually spending more time with this other girl instead of you.

If you have experienced any of this, there is a good chance that he has dropped you.

If you are trying to figure out what happened, it may be a very frustrating process with no real resolution.

There could be a number of reasons why he dropped you for this other girl.

Those reasons may have nothing to do with you personally.

He may have simply gotten bored interacting with you.

He may have had some interest in you at first but not that much.

You may have never been the person that he ideally saw himself dating.

He went along with dating you because you were the best option at the time.

However, this other girl shows up and he realizes that this is actually the girl he is most attracted to.

He drops you as a result and starts dating her.

In a scenario like this, you were not at fault for what happened.

He simply got someone that he preferred over you.

You shouldn’t take this personally or dwell on it.

You would become a very bitter person if you did.

Simply accept the situation and move on with your life.

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