How Can I Stop Overthinking About A Guy I Am Romantically Interested In?

To stop overthinking, you have to stop creating scenarios in your mind of what a life with this guy that you are romantically interested in would be like.

How Can I Stop Overthinking About A Guy I Am Romantically Interested In?Your problem is that your mind is taking you to way too many places at any given time, as your thoughts get the best of you.

The thoughts are triggered by something this other person said or did.

You can’t allow those thoughts to get the best of you.

Your task is to monitor your mind and where it is leading you.

If it has began to create stories and scenarios that do not exist, make a conscious decision to bring yourself back to your present moment.

One of the biggest reasons why you overthink is due to insecurity.

You are insecure about something and it makes you react.

You begin to allow your thoughts to take you to those insecure places in your mind.

You let your mind determine how you feel about the issue instead of being the one who takes control of your mind.

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Whatever it is that you are insecure about, get over it.

When you are worried that you could never be a good partner, you have to start placing value in yourself.

In grappling with worry about the prospect of this person not feeling for you what you feel for them, recognize that relationships are a two way street.

This person cannot be forced to feel something that they don’t.

You shouldn’t even want that.

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A person that wants you by their own volition and for the right reasons is a better outcome.

Should they not feel that way, don’t force the issue.

This only puts you in a situation where the relationship is forced and unloving.

You lose in the end.

Your insecurities have to be dealt with.

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Value yourself as a person.

This makes you realize that even if things don’t work out with this person, you will be alright because you care for and value yourself.

This is a quality that someone else finds attractive in you and wants you for that.

Overthinking happens when you are craving something that you don’t have.

You are placing too much value in this object of desire.

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This is very destructive to you and the direction that you should be going in life.

When you place too much value in what you don’t have and crave it, you make it become the best thing there is.

This isn’t certain.

Come to terms with the possibility that what you so crave isn’t the best thing for you.

Whoever it is that you are craving at the moment could be the antithesis of what you want.

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Selfishness, deceit, bitterness, unruliness or an anger issue that you never saw before or knew existed isn’t out of the question.

In other words, this person that you so desire has a potential to completely fall short of the expectations that you have placed on them.

When you overthink, you overlook this very possible reality.

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