Is Hot And Cold Behavior Every Day Normal?

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Is Hot And Cold Behavior Every Day Normal?

It is normal in the sense of it being commonplace.

However, someone giving you hot and cold behavior on a daily basis is indeed cause for concern.

People do this sometimes because they think that it is what will keep you interested.

Indeed, human nature tends to gravitate towards something it can’t have.

Hence, the more a person acts hot and cold, the more they may draw the interest of a suitor.

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However, one of the problems with hot and cold behavior is that it is hard for those who partake in it to know when to stop.

It can be so easy to take it too far.

If you are currently interested in someone who has hot and cold behavior, you have to be very cautious.

Hot and cold behavior can intoxicate someone to the point where they simply don’t know how to stop it.

Getting the kind of attention they do when they act this way becomes too enticing to let go off.

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Being on the receiving end of this kind of behavior, you could find yourself in a constant hodgepodge of emotions.

This can be very debilitating to your psyche and your physicality.

In normal circumstances, people should be honest about their intentions.

They should be relatively open about their feelings.

Honesty is important.

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When someone is hot and cold, they are not being entirely honest about how they feel.

This is the danger that you may find yourself in.

You may be dealing with a person who may not even be into you.

They may simply enjoy the kind of power being hot and cold towards you gives them.

This is where it would be wise to do a little bit of investigation.

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If you can find out more about this person’s past romances, you may be able to get a better picture of whether this is a pattern.

You may be able to learn from other people about how they were treated.

You may learn that they were treated the same way and ended up with no romance.

This helps you determine whether you should pursue this any further.

The last thing you want is to keep trying to make something happen with someone who simply gets off at playing with other people’s emotions.

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Again, acting hot and cold could be this person’s way of asserting power and dominance over their suitor. They may have no intention of taking it to romance.

On the flip side, this could be a person who is indeed romantically interested in you.

They may be giving you this hot and cold behavior because they want you to get hooked on them.

It has worked for them in the past.

They have seen how past suitors seemed to pursue them even harder whenever they acted hot and cold.

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As a result, they continue the same behavior with you.

These situations are tricky.

The person likes you but they are playing the game.

In a scenario like this, your best bet is to be honest with them and let them know that you want them to be truthful with you.

This saves you time and energy.

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Playing hard to get is one thing.

Acting hot and cold is a lot more tedious because you simply don’t know who you are going to be dealing with from one day to the next.

This can ultimately affect you mentally to such an extent that you may even find yourself becoming upset with people in your life for no good reason or becoming intolerable towards them.

You do this because of the amount of stress this person who is being hot and cold is causing you on a daily basis. You should never want to get to this point.

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