Is Hot And Cold Behavior Every Day Normal, From Someone You Like?

Hot and cold behavior is commonplace in romantic situations, given that we are human beings with undulating emotions.

Is Hot And Cold Behavior Every Day Normal, From Someone You Like?Nevertheless, when someone you like is giving you hot and cold behavior on a daily basis, this isn’t normal and there is cause for concern.

The people who demonstrate this behavior every day towards you are doing so to keep you interested and guessing.

Indeed, human nature gravitates towards acquiring something it doesn’t have.

The person who acts hot and cold is depriving you of their attention, compelling you to desire their attention, consequently raising your level of interest.

This behavior comes off a little thrilling at first, when you realize the game being played.

Notwithstanding, the effect of hot and cold behavior is so intoxicating that it often goes too far.

Being interested in someone who has relentless hot and cold behavior is a treacherous path.

Being on the receiving end of this behavior, you are in a constant state of opposing emotions.

It’s debilitating to your psyche.

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In normal circumstances, people are sincere about their intentions, and as they date, there is a natural progression in how much they open up about themselves and show that they care.

Unfortunately, a person who exhibits hot and cold behavior relentlessly, never giving you credit for your persistence and continued interest in learning about them as a person, isn’t following the natural progression of courtship.

They are less into you and more into the power trip.

To be sure, do a little bit of investigation.

Look into this person’s past romances to get a better picture of whether this is a pattern.

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When prior suitors affirm that this is the exact behavior they experienced from this person, resulting in unhealthy courtships or short-lived failed relationships, you have your answer.

A person’s past behavior is a precursor to their future behavior, as we as human beings are creatures of habit.

Upon availing yourself of this information about prior suitors, determining whether you pursue this any further is unambiguous.

Why commit yourself to courting someone who plays with the emotions of others.

Acting hot and cold is how this person asserts power and dominance over their suitors.

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On the flip side, a person who exhibits hot and cold behavior but is genuinely interested in you are less likely to keep this behavior up for long.

What they are looking for is a strong sense that your intentions are clear and genuine.

So far, they have had their suspicions about your interest but are unclear about your intentions.

All they need is for you to be intentional in your behavior by showing interest.

Either improve your body language to show your interest by having sustained eye contact, smiling and physically putting yourself around this person on a regular basis, or be more aggressive.

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Step to them and chat regularly.

Crack jokes.


Touch them occasionally.

Give them a compliment.

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Ask them out.

Rinse and repeat.

As you show consistency in your behavior, their guard goes down.

The hot and cold behavior is no longer required and they stop.

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