I Like A Girl Who Likes Someone Else. What To Do?

I Like A Girl Who Likes Someone Else. What To Do?

If you like a girl who likes someone else, you will have to gauge her level of interest in this other person.

If she is really into this other person, it may be a waste of your time to pursue her.

If she isn’t that into this other person, there may be room for you.

It all depends on the kind of vibe you are getting from her and what she is doing.

If she is constantly trying to communicate with this other person and rarely wants to communicate with you, you may be fighting an uphill battle.

If she talks about this person all the time and is constantly following them on social media, you may want to leave this girl alone and move on.

There is no point wasting your time when her heart and mind belongs to someone else so strongly.

Now, she may not like this other person that much.

If she only communicates with this other person when that person initiates, there may be an opening here.

While she is waiting for some kind of initiation from that person, you could try to see how she responds to communicating with you instead.

If she rarely hangs out with this person, there may also be an opening here.

This may be an opportunity for you.

You can start filling that space by asking her to hang out.

If she responds, she may get to the point where she starts getting used to you.

By the time this other person comes around and starts communicating on the regular, she may have already moved on with you.

Hence, all of this depends on just how much she likes this other person and how far in she is with her interaction with this person.

If they are already consistently going out on dates and communicating, you shouldn’t pursue her.

You would be exerting valuable energy that you could be expending on some other girl.

She would be mentally unavailable to you.

Even if she were to respond to some of your advances or flirts, you wouldn’t be the priority in her mind.

You can easily get clues by using her friends as a source.

If she rarely talks about you to her friends but primarily talks about this other guy, there is a good chance that this other guy is her priority.

If she sometimes gives you the hot and cold treatment, she may be showing that her mind is preoccupied with thoughts of the other guy.

You have the best chance of getting her to like you when she isn’t emotionally invested in this other person.

What are some signs that she is emotionally invested?

She talks about this person very often.

She is constantly confiding in her friends about how she feels about this person.

She makes herself consistently available for him to date or talk to.

She is on his social media a lot.

These are all strong signs that she is too emotionally invested on this other guy for you to have a decent chance with her.

You should move on to someone else if you have noticed this behavior.

Hanging on to the hope that she likes you would only set you up for disappointment and a broken heart.

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