My Boyfriend’s Friend And I Are In Love, Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?

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My Boyfriend's Friend And I Are In Love, Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?


If you are in love with your boyfriend’s friend, you should break up with your boyfriend.

You are in love with someone else.

Your heart and affection is with this person.

You think about this person the most.

This is the person that you want to be around the most.

If you were to keep your boyfriend around, you would be wasting both his time and yours.

There is no point in prolonging the inevitable.

It would only lead to more pain.

You have to come to terms with your feelings.

There may be a part of you that feels like you don’t quite know if breaking with your boyfriend is the right move.

You may be worried that by so doing you would lose a sure thing.

There are lots of people who have this fear.

They fall in love with someone else but stay in their relationships because they are afraid to lose their emotional safety net.

They know that they are loved in their current relationship.

They have been in the relationship for a while and have gotten complacent.

They may be afraid of what letting go of that relationship and getting into a new one with this person would bring. Hence, they get stuck between two lovers.

They want to truly go with the one that they are newly in love with but are afraid that they will lose what they are already comfortable with.

They wonder if the new relationship will work out.

They are afraid that it won’t.

If it doesn’t, they wonder about where that would leave them.

They would have no partner because they broke up with their previous partner.

Now they have nothing.

They decide to stay in both relationships just to make sure that they always have someone there.

This is not the approach you should use.

If you are in love with your boyfriend’s friend, you are emotionally invested in the friend.

You can’t force yourself to feel something for your boyfriend that you no longer feel.

Yes, you may believe that you still have feelings for your boyfriend.

Indeed, you may.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that he is no longer a priority in your mind or heart.

He is no longer the one that is primarily the focus of your thoughts or your love.

His friend is.

This means that no matter what you tell yourself about how you still feel about your boyfriend, he will still be second best.

You will not be able to give him all of your heart, love and passion.

You would give most of it to his friend.

Your best option is to break up with your boyfriend.

Hanging on to the relationship would be selfish on your part. It will only create drama and confusion for all the parties involved.

No matter what you tell yourself, you wouldn’t truly be able to give them both the attention they would want if you were to keep them both in your life.

One of those relationships would inevitably suffer.

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