My Boyfriend’s Friend And I Are In Love, Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?

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My Boyfriend's Friend And I Are In Love, Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?


When you are in love with your boyfriend’s friend, you need to break up with your boyfriend.

You are in love with someone else.

Your heart and affection is with your boyfriend’s friend.

This is who you primarily think about and want to be around.

Staying with your boyfriend is a waste of your time and his.

There is no reason prolonging the inevitable.

It leads to pain.

You have to come to terms with your feelings.

Many people struggle with ending a relationship out of the fear of losing out on a their safety net.

Knowing that you are loved in your relationship, leaving that hub of comfort into something new is scary for many.

This is selfish on your part.

It’s not like you have a little crush on your boyfriend’s friend, you are in love with him.

This means you are no longer emotionally available to your boyfriend.

Once you aren’t emotionally available, your relationship is no longer viable.

There is a reason why you fell in love with your boyfriend’s friend.

Something you needed was missing in your relationship that his friend provided.

People grow in relationships, and as they grow, their desires evolve.

Many partners commit a massive blunder when they don’t keep up with open conversation about their evolving desires as the relationship progresses.

No one reads minds.

A partner who doesn’t know that your desires have evolved doesn’t know what to adapt.

In comes your boyfriend’s friend.

He is meeting that need that your boyfriend isn’t.

Inevitably, you are drawn to him, as he fulfills what is missing that your boyfriend isn’t.

Now that you are fully in love with your boyfriend’s friend, there is no going back.

Your heart isn’t in it any longer.

Regardless of how scary breaking up with a boyfriend is, now that you are emotionally compromised, you need to do it.

Steer clear from forcing yourself to feel something for your boyfriend that you no longer feel.

You believe that you have feelings for your boyfriend, albeit not as you once did.

This is true.

But, it doesn’t change the reality that he is no longer a priority in your mind or heart.

Your boyfriend is no longer the one that is primarily the focus of your thoughts or your love.

His friend is.

This means that no matter what you tell yourself about how you feel about your boyfriend, he is second best.

You won’t give him the whole of your heart, love and passion.

That is primarily reserved for his friend.

Your best option is to break up with your boyfriend.

Hanging on to the relationship creates drama and confusion for the parties involved.

Selfishly attempting to have the two relationships is not practical.

The two relationships end up suffering with this approach.

There is no eating your cake and having it too.

It’s time to break up with your boyfriend.

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