Do I Owe Him An Explanation For Dumping Him?

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Do I Owe Him An Explanation For Dumping Him?

You never owe anyone an explanation for dumping them.

There is nothing written into relationship etiquette that states that you have to do this.

However, sometimes, giving him an explanation for dumping him helps both you and him move on from the relationship.

Oftentimes, if you were in a long-term relationship with him, he would be blindsided by the fact that you have dumped him.

If he was really emotionally involved in the relationship, it would be really hard for him to understand what happened and thereby move on.

As a result, if you weren’t to give him an explanation for dumping him, he may continue to hound and pester you about what happened.

He would want to understand what just happened.

He would be upset because he doesn’t understand.

His emotional happiness is tied in with you and he is finding it very difficult to sever that tie.

In a situation like this, the more you avoid trying to give him an explanation, the more he will bug you about it.

He will text or call you incessantly.

He will want to understand.

You may already be of the frame of mind of moving on from the relationship and yet you can’t because he just won’t stop trying to contact you and find out what happened.

Now you are really adding stress to your life.

You just want him to stop and leave you be but unfortunately, he just can’t.

This is obviously not a position that you want to find yourself in.

In scenarios where you have been with guy for a while, it may be best to give him an explanation of why you are dumping him.

Again, you don’t really owe him an explanation.

You don’t have shackles around your neck. You can leave a relationship at your own free will.

However, in order to avoid getting into a situation like I have just described, you may have to give him some explanation.

Now, you don’t have to get into details about it.

The danger of trying to explain why you are dumping him is in the possibility that he may keep questioning your reasoning behind what you are telling him.

He may counter some of what you are saying.

He may deny some of what you are saying.

He may start crying in an attempt to get your sympathy.

These are all things that can easily happen when you allow yourself to get sucked into a drawn-out explanation of why you are dumping him.

You don’t need to get into detail and you may be better off if you didn’t.

Just know the points that you are going to touch on before you talk to him.

Tell him not to interrupt you while you explain.

If he keeps doing so, tell him that you will stop trying to explain if he persists.

Once you have gotten out what you have to say in a clear and succinct way, you need to end the conversation.

Avoid getting engaged in a follow up conversation with him because that will only lead to further arguments.

After the conversation, he will have to digest what you just told him.

Typically, he will move on, albeit with bitterness.

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